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pain in sex... should I be worried?

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28 year old female recently started having sex with long term boyfriend. Was virgin until then. He wasnt but not been with anyone else for over a year.

Was going well at first and manage to get POP contraception via sexual health clinic online. 5 weeks in and having some light bleeding week after normal period happened. Also had some trouble with irritation in that area and mild pain during sex.

Thought could be UTI but not sure. Tried pharmacy treatment and drinking lots of water.

Being A) shy about it B) mis pandemic means very anxious to contact GP to discuss..... any advice?

5 Replies
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Take a supplement called D-mannose .

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What does D mannose do?

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Is it the type of pill where you take a break for your period? If so, it isn't a period but a withdrawal bleed.

A few things to try are ruling out yeast infection, UTI, and also just using extra lube. If none of that helps, then you would need referral to a gynae for further investigation.

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🤔The POP is not the perfect contraceptive. Disadvantages include the following:

For one thing, it has to be taken daily at almost exactly the same time, so that its efficacy depends largely upon the user’s memory. The newer POP containing desogestrel offers a margin of 12 hours in contrast to the three-hour grace period earlier available with conventional POPs.

The POP cannot prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Women on liver enzyme-inducing drugs such as phenytoin or barbiturates, or the herbal St. John’s wort, cannot expect reliable contraception with POPs.

Regular menstruation cannot be expected. Menstrual abnormalities are almost universal, such as irregular bleeding, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, or extremely light spotting, especially for the first few months.

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The pill is the degestrol one where you dont take a break and has a 13 hour window to take. But I take at roughly same time each day.

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