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Period after Colonoscopy


Hi, this is my first post in this group and I'm after some advice.

I had a colonoscopy done on the 2nd November and everything was fine. I then started on my period on the 4th even though I'm not due on till the 10th November.

Growing up, I used to have really painful and heavy periods but over the last few years I've noticed a huge difference. The pain isn't really there anymore and if I do get it it's nowhere near as bad and paracetamol gets rid of it for the duration of the period.

I've also noticed my periods went from 7 days ish to 2 days. Stopped for a little while and then come back on for a few hours and then stopped again till the next one. This period has been very heavy and bright red (sorry for the tmi) and I'm on day 4 with no signs of stopping. It's also been more painful than usual and I've had to take more painkillers than usual to stop it.

Should I be worried? I had a Ultrasound done on my stomach and they found cysts on my right ovary. I have an appointment with the gyne on the 15th to look into it further but in the meantime I'm a little nervous about why the sudden change.

Could it possibly be the prep for the Colonoscopy? Since I had it, my need to wake up in the night for a wee has gone too (sorry again) and can last through the night without waking up now.

Any advice or reassurances greatly appreciated.


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I would say that the colonoscopy could definitely cause more bleeding during your period, not sure why bladder function would be improved though. check it out at your gynaecological appointment

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There was talk of a possible bloackage after Laxido didn't work, Maybe it was slowing the process down or something? Allthough I was still going a lot. Still been sleeping through the night so whatever has happened I'm thankful for it as I'm actually getting a full nights sleep. Hope it lasts

Hey I know this is a early post but the same thing has just happened to me only light bleeding but I'm on the Implant and haven't had a period for months and now had the colonoscopy 2 days ago and now I'm bleeding very confused scared that they have done something inside to me

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