Abnormal period or just a bit of a wimp?

So I think that the title should fill you in on the general theme of this. I'm not a very outgoing person and my family and friends aren't the type to be in the same room for together let alone share vagina stories so naturally I am turning to the Internet. I apologise if this isn't the right place for this. And, yeah, this is just me wondering if this is a normal experience or if I perhaps should suck it up and have a conversation with my doctor or parents.

I started my period a little young but within standard norms, about 9, and ever since it started it has been very painful. I can recall the first time the pain was so sudden and intense that I passed out, something which had never happened for pain reasons before. For a day or two before my period starts I'll mildly (discomfort usually, small and completely bearable pain during what I assume are muscle contractions) constipated, and then as my period starts that will switch to diarrhoea, something which I'm aware is common. During my period I also experience nausea and will rarely properly vomit, but often throw up into my mouth, an experience everyone loves. I'll get a moderate headache, something I would find distracting enough on its own, but that's usually dulled significantly with paracetamol (it is just a headache, not a migraine or anything). I'll get a fair amount of pain (I'm not sure what is normal but it's enough that I'll often be doubled over in pain and have to take days off during heavier flow times, otherwise having to force myself to at least be in attendance even if I can't concentrate of do anything of worth). The pain will be spread over the general womby area and out towards my hips, down the insides of my thighs, and across my buttocks and lower back. It's usually moderate but dull, but there are times where the pain spasms and becomes nearly unbearable, making it difficult to breathe or do any normal functions, but these times rarely last more than a couple hours. I've been told that exercise helps during periods, but I get very tired and so it is difficult to do so and I'd find myself sleeping if the contractions didn't keep me up. Ibuprofen and over the counter medicines don't seem to work, but I've never tried contraceptives or anything like that to combat anything. I am not sexually active (and never have been) so I couldn't account for whether intercourse is painful or not. I get very warm to the point of dizziness, but I naturally dislike the heat anyway and don't deal with it well. I don't bleed inbetween periods, and they are regular (27-29 days). During what I assume is ovulation (but realistically I am guessing here, but it is about halfway between periods) I'll get a milder sort of pain with headaches, too. 

Sorry about ranting a bit there, but if you did get to the end I'd appreciate an input, even if it's just telling me I'm over-reacting and am fine.

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  • How could it be an over-reaction to look for help when dealing with such pain.  I used to have overwhelming period pain, I'd be lying sweating on the floor, once or twice collapsed in public. So yes it is possible that your symptoms are 'just' period pain, I've had two children and labour contractions are similar. Exercise helps enormously but not DURING the menstrual period its self!  Start a vigorous DAILY exercise regime today , and stretch properly,  swimming is recommended but I started jogging, this increases the blood flow to the muscle wall of the womb and abdomen region. A serious painkiller, I was prescribed ponstan, is also needed but exercise worked better for me. Also I had no problems after giving birth, womb muscles stretched beyond caring by then I suppose. 

  • Thanks, I'll get right on the exercise thing. There was a bit of a health craze near where I live recently so luckily there are lots of classes I've found. If it's still quite bad in a few months I'll see if I can get a prescription for something, too.

  • I'm not expert but what you are experiencing is not normal you must go and see doctor and ask him if he can refer you to gynaecologist 

  • Okay, cool. I'll see if I can get an appointment with my GP. 

  • Unfortunately everyone is different - while your pain sounds severe, it sounds like this is normal for you.

    I find my periods very painful, often causing me to feel faint and sick (very rarely vomit though), and I often have to take time off feigning food poisoning or migraine. The dr wasn't concerned at all. He offered mefenamic acid, which is likely what they will prescribe for you. Some find it works, other's (like myself) find it no better than ibuprofen. But worth speaking to your Dr to find out.

    This one is a little strange, but I actually found ginger to be really good for period pain - Google it, and you will find scientific studies that found it's as effective as ibuprofen. I cook something containing ginger in the few days before my period, and also take ibuprofen as soon as I feel the first cramps (it is important to take painkillers early, as after you start bleeding, they don't seem as effective). By doubling up, I find the pain far more manageable, and I feel faint far less.

  • Thanks, I'm not sure of too many recipes which use ginger but I'll be sure to look some up and see if it helps.

  • Carrot and ginger soup is a good one, or even just grate a little into a stir fry or over chicken before roasting. I find it has to be fresh though, so a teabag of lemon and ginger tea doesn't help.

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