I'm sorry if this is too descriptive I just need help. Okay well I have been bleeding for about a week or so and it hasn't stopped. It isn't like my period blood either. I am on birth control and I'm not even close to my period. The blood has been thick and brown some times but then dark red and light red. It stops and then continues. I'm not sure what's going on and I need help.

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  • How long have you been on your current birth control? It's normal for birth control to change how heavy and how long your period runs for, if you've just started these tablets, then I wouldn't worry. If you've been on the same tablet for a while and this is really abnormal, then worth seeing your dr when you can.

  • I've been on them for a while. But I recently did not take them for 2 months because of some complications. Should I continue taking them or should I stop?

  • If you stopped taking them for 2 month, then I would think this is just a strange first period while your body gets used to them again. You body will have been trying to re-balance over those 2 months, and will be thrown off by the hormonal changes. It could also be that you didn't start them properly (i.e. mine had to be started on the first day of my period)?

    If you're still worried then visit / call your GP, but I think they'd say similar.

  • Thank you so much. That definitely makes me feel better about the situation. Thank you!!!!!

  • I should say that if you are still bleeding after another couple of days, or if it gets heavier/painful, go to your dr.

  • I would definitely go for a check up, sounds like it is a response to being off birth control for 2 months but if you are back on a contraceptive pill and not supposed to be having a controlled bleed at the minute then I would definitely see a nurse or make an appointment for the doctor who prescribed the pills.

  • This depends on the contraceptive, while some do stop for a week to let you have your period, others are taken all month long, even during period.

  • you need more hugs man to do more in home

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