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New here... Clonidine Dosage and side effects

I'm new here. I belong to the endometriosis group it helps a lot. In the last months I've gone into menopause and been suffering with terrible pain from my endo too. So combined I hadn't slept properly for long time. I started clonidine 3 weeks ago and they definitely helped with the hot flashes, but I have a headache that comes and goes and dizziness last two days . In the last 2 days I lowered the morning Dosage as my mouth was so dry I couldn't handle it and preferred extra sweating.

I also feel very anxious and panicky, down since the last week's and I'm not sure if it's the menopause or the medication as it was there before I started . I feel confused and bit stressed which is course is not helpful.

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Hi there I'm not sure what age you are or what you've tried previously but one of my worst problems is terrible sleep loss and I've found evorel 50 patches help. you need to take some kind of progesterone along with it so at the moment I'm trying Utrogestan which is a natural prescribed progesterone as I don't tolerate synthetic progesterone that causes depression etc.

Anyway just thought I'd mention that from the sleep end in case it's of any use to chat through with your doctor's. Evorel 50 is a transdermal oestrogen patch which I find very good and helps me sleep. Hope you get on top of things soon. Sorry I don't have any experience of clonidine.... love and prayers x


I can't take hormones because of my endometriosis and I'm allergic to progesterone . That's why they gave me the clonidine


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