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Heavy periods

Hi wondering anybody can share their experiences with me. I've been having very heavy periods for many years now as I get nearer to the menopause and it's left me anaemic. Can anyone give me an idea of how long they experienced these heavy periods for roughly before they hit menopause finally? I know everyone's different and I know fibroids can affect it but I only have fairly small fibroids and the periods have been consistently heavy for years even before fibroids were really a problem. Been regularly checked by gynae and there's no problems in the womb etc hallelujah!

Been praying for wisdom though and discovered today that oregano has twice as much iron as liver and always seem to help me a great deal so now I know why. Though it has lots of many good properties and it isn't listed on the sites that give you information about anaemia. What are the things have you found helps anaemia? Thanks in advance, God bless.

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Ask your Dr to run a blood test to see if you have a clotting problem called von willibrands disease . Three percent of the population have it and don't know. It can be one of the most common reasons for heavy periods. Do you bruise easily?

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Hi looked that up but no don't have those symptoms really but thanks though ;)


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