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Low iron and low vitam d and low blood pressure

I have low ferritin 20and vitamin d 24,low blood pressure like 80/56 most of the times,feels tired,no energy specially at night,I Ammon with 2 kids and I am doing lot of physical energy as they are still young,so tired most of the times,I have been on ferrying sulphate for past year but I don't take it every single day and my levels of course are not improving and my hair falls too much..hope u have some advices for me my friend to feel normal person with energy,my weight s good and I eat mostly healthy food but I eat junk too,but running around kids won't let me put on weight and I'm not fond of meat but I eat not not much.


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Hi there, do you know why your ferritin levels are so low? Also what has the doctor said about your blood pressure?


hi,I am not eating enough iron food and for vitamind ,as I live in melbourne and its cold most of the year and no enouhg sun

for low blood pressure,all doctors says its just your nature but exercise can make it better but I am too busy to exercise.


My levels have been low but I take supplements!! I've gradually got them back up. I can't take iron tablets as they make me sick!! So I take something called ferogloblin which I buy over counter. It's helped me tremendously and anyone can take it even children. It's good if your run down and have been unwell. I take vitamin D too. You need to get your levels up!! I take mine after my main meal of the day. I have them in a box near the kettle, that way I don't forget!! There's a healthy eating forum on here too. Youl probably find lots of help on there. Have a look and see what you think x


thanks a lot for your advice,I really wish one day I will feel full of energy and not feeling down & tired specially at the end of the day.Thanks


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