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Period is late but no pregnancy symptoms

Hi everyone!

I track my period using the Period Tracker app. I seem to be regular (28 days) but I think I remember the app sometimes being off by 1-3 days. According to it, I am 2 days late now. I feel like my period is coming but nothing yet! I usually get a pressure/dull crampy feeling every now and then about a week before it starts.

I have been sexually active but we always use a condom. A few times he has gone without a condom for less than 5 seconds and has not ejaculated.

I took a digital pregnancy test last night that was negative. I did start a new job about two weeks ago. I've been waking up 4 hours earlier than I typically do which has resulted in being pretty fatigued since I'm adjusting. I'm assuming this is what is throwing my period off as I have no other symptoms. My sexual activity has been low risk for pregnancy anyway.

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this before. When should I take another test? If I'm not pregnant, could my new job be to blame for my late period? At what point should I be concerned if I don't get my period?

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I wouldn't tend to worry being 2 days late. Your periods can just shift naturally for lots of reasons, for example, if you have a new flatmate, your period will shift to sync up with theirs. I would get nervous if I was 2 weeks late, but 2 days is just a delay that happens.

I would warn against even going 1 second without a condom though: men leak sperm throughout, so even if he doesn't ejaculate, it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. Plus you still risk things like STDs.


Do not worry. Sometimes periods are late due to stress and work pressure. As you have change in you sleep cycle and new job, there can be an offset in your periods. Stay calm. If you are not able to get your periods for another few days, then consult a gynecologist.

Safety is always first. Do not skip the usage of condoms.

Have a great day



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