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I think my body and emotions are trying to tell me that I'm Perimenopausal.  In the last six months my periods are lasting for five days (heavy) then stop for five days, then re-start for about five days (again heavy) then about 14 days of nothing.   I have noticed increased irritability, anxiety, mood swings during these months. I am 44, soon to be 45.  Is there anything anyone can recommend I take other than Evening Primrose Oil?

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Hi sounds about right to me I went through something similar. Gp's these days can offer low doseage of the pill to help with who toms or low does of HRT. I used menopace which I think helped a bit and vitamin b12 supplement. You can also take St. John's wort. I would reccomend a trip to GP. Some docs will do blood tests for oestregen levels but some won't. Keep a diary as well.  It's really tough considering you still have the actual menopause to come! Night sweats are the worst but you don't mention those. I'd also suggest just a a general gynaecological check up as peri meno symptoms can also be mild symptoms of other female organ related illnesses. Not trying to scare you but anything different should be checked out. Best wishes x


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