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I have o2 in my house do not smoke never have and never will the neighbor does and tonight my o2 level dropped to 85 I am aware this is dangerous my question is how long should I stay on the 02 before taking it off, this is the first time I have used my 02 tanks for a long time , my nails turned purple i took

my levals and thought get the 02 out I am only 71 and do not need any more of this and now i have to leave here over his smoking as I moved here in 2002 be prepared when you least expect it the o2 can drop and it is not a laughing matter always have extra tanks on hand, my neighbor ripped my no smoking sign down and threw it away it was from the o2 co. he said he did not like it on the window.

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I believe the No Smoking around oxygen tanks is because of the risk of combustion.  I doubt there is a risk of this if your neighbour is smoking in a separate room. 

You should talk to your doctor about how long you need to stay on the oxygen.

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