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Not sure where to post this! Weird things happeneing!

So, not so much a health complaint but I want to know if anyone else has experienced this.

I seem to have some kind of weird electro magnetic field thing going on.

Automatic doors don't always open.

Street lights sometimes go off as I go.past (there was 1 In particular at my college)

Radios go crackly.

Cars won't unlock for me (mine usually does, but not sometimes until I'm right by the door)

Hotel doors with a key card refuse to work! I don't think I've ever been able to open one!

I know it's not really important but it's driving me crazy. I had to get a stranger to let me into my hotel room last month which was embarassing but could potentially be pretty dangerous!

Has anyone else ever heard of this or experienced it, any idea what might be going on and anything to help it?

Side note: when I went through the airport security last time the scanner showed up a patch on my back and I set the alarms off but they could tell what. I've never had any surgery, nothings shown up on a ct scan I had since but I'm wondering if maybe it was related.

Thanks !

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Hi 😊

There's a number of links for electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This usually results in someone experiencing certain symptoms, but nothing such as you describe 🤔

It'll be interesting to read replies 😊 xB


Hi you are a superhero obviously, d'uuh!

I am peeved as I only get shocks from things. Car doors, metal handles, and so on. I have periods of a few days where I dread touching metal things. My Mum stops watches. They just stop on her. (Some have survived, some survive for longish periods and keep having to be restarted.) No street light drama though.


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