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Could it be an ovarian cyst? Or something else?

Hi everyone,

I wondered if any of you might be able to relate to me on something. I'll start off by telling you a bit about me - I'm 22, very active, been diagnosed as having ibs, had both my gallbladder and appendix removed, and have been dealing with ongoing abdominal pain.

Up until recently I had come to accept an ibs diagnosis, however I have some worrying and new symptoms. Firstly I have extremely painful bowel movement, and pass blood regularly, and also today when exercising I noticed it feels like there is something in my bowel. I've also lost about 5 pounds in 3 weeks - my weight had been a stable 107lb for months (I'm 5ft3), and I've had a regular exercise schedule for around 2 years. Just to note, I'm not trying to lose any weight, in fact I would like to gain some more muscle.

For a while now I've had this sore area an inch or so left of my navel and I noticed it seemed to be more prominent at night, but now I notice it's when I lay down or sit upright. It's quite sore to the touch. On Saturday I suffered extreme pelvic pain, it was unbearable and unlike anything I'd ever felt. The pain was down through my whole lower abdomen, into my groin, thighs, and lower back. Nothing I did helped it to go away, and I spent the day trying to sleep. Since then the pain has lessened a great deal, but I still have that nagging pain, groin pain and also a hard lump on my pubic bone. The pain also radiates to my back and hips. My last period was the 14th-17th January and seemed much lighter than usual (I do take birth control, about 2 years). I find certain positions cause a bit of a twinge either side of my navel, and on the right side the tenderness seems to go down in a line to my groin.

I realise that's a lot to take in but I'd appreciate any insight!! I have a doctors appointment for Friday morning but Im curious to know if any of you have had anything similar. Also just as a side note I had very heavy periods when I first began menstruating and they were very irregular, eventually they disappeared for around 8 months which is why I went on to birth control. My periods straightened out right away so I've had no problems.

Anyway any help would be great!!

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Hi Rose😊

I've also had appendix and gall bladder removed, it does rule certain things out, doesn't it😏

The appendectomy was the cause of adhesions for me, particularly around my ovaries.

IBS can be the root cause of many things, I think you're right to ask your doctor for advice😊xB


Hiya, thank you for your reply!

I suppose adhesions could be a possibility since I do have a number of surgery scars. I've noticed as I bend on the left side I can feel something very painful by my navel which limits how far I can move on that side. There's definitely something going on in there.

Did you have surgery to remove the adhesions?? X


No, I didn't. I remember being told that some people are just prone to adhesions. I hope you get some useful advice from your doctor.😊xB


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