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2 day heavy period then spotting?

so last month , i missed my period . instead of having it , it was just brown discharge . i thought maybe it was like that bc i was extremely stressed that month . this month , i had brown discharge on my pad and light pink blood when i wiped the first day and then on the 2nd & 3rd day it was very heavy (which is normal) and now on the 4th day , it has stopped and now it's just brown discharge again . i have not had sex or any sexual relations. help ?

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This sort of thing has been troubling you for a while now. We can only give you basic advice here, can you talk to your mother, an appropriate adult or your doctor?

It has to be said, not everyone has exactly the same type of period. You need peace of mind and probably the best person to speak to is your doctor. At the very least you would be certain that there wasn't a serious concern behind this.

I know it's won't be easy speaking face to face, we women have the most embarrassing things to contend with😏 But honestly, it may just be the best thing you can do. Think about it🤔



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