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Premature or early menopause?


Whilst still on the pill (loestrin) and at the age of 39 years, 3 months I stopped having withdrawal bleeds. After three months I went to see my GP and raised the possibility (jokingly) of menopause. She nixed it.

Three months after that I had two very, very odd withdrawal bleeds: very clotty, like postpartum clotting. Lasted for four days instead of two. And nothing since June last year.

A day before my 40th birthday I went to see the GP again and insisted on being tested for menopause. She agreed, but said I needed to come off the pill first and leave at least six weeks before testing. I had my blood tests (FSH and LH) mid-December (aged 40 years, 2 months). Still no period.

Surprise, surprise, the tests came back with values that put me solidly midrange of the postmenopausal range. The GP still insists on having another test but I think, given symptoms, that it won't spring any surprises.

So the question: I know that premature menopause is defined as occurring before the age of 40, and that I spent most of being 39 without periods, although not totally without. I am definitely on for early menopause. My GP is an idiot and said that he's not inclined to prescribe HRT but could be swayed (he cited the Million Women Study, cohort of which is women aged 50+ so not really applicable to me at 40), but NICE guidelines indicate that for premature menopause HRT should be prescribed until the age of natural menopause, i.e. up until the age of 50 or so.

Would I be right in thinking that I span both early and premature menopause because of my age, and that my GP should most definitely prescribe HRT? And should I be pushing for a DEXA scan as well?

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