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No period and concerned

Hi, I am a young woman barely out of my teens yet my periods stopped around 4 months ago. I went through a six month period of time where I was borderline anorexic with extreme anxiety. I dropped from 9st 6 to 7 St 13 in 3 and half months. I have since brought my weight up and have overcome most of my issues. The strange thing is my periods stopped 3 months into my recovery. I am not sexually active and I am a little concerned if I may have made myself infertile. Someone I know suffered bulimia for two years and had a similar episode of no periods and now can never have children. What do I do?

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Hi Emcat😊

The medical term for the absence of periods is Amenorrhea, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Missing one period is rarely a sign of a serious problem or underlying medical condition. But, if pregnancy is ruled out, Amenorrhea of longer duration should be investigated. See medicinenet.com>womenshealth>amenorrhea

For peace of mind perhaps you need to make an appointment with your doctor.

Best wishes 😊xBeryl


Thank you this website was really useful but I have made an appointment with my doctor. Hopefully everything will be back on track soon. Thanks again 😀


I suffered an eating disorder in the past too.

Don't worry, try to maintain a healthy weight, sometimes it takes up to 12 months for the period to come back I heard


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