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Hi everyone. So i went to yhe er and they did the ultrasound showing no cyst, fibroid or anything else. They don't know what caused me to misd my period. The symptoms i have they don't know. The ultrasound tech told me to wait a couple of weeks cause its still early since my missed period.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Has anyone done a urine test and blood and they both turned out neg, then to do an ultrasound and nothing shows and later on reveals that they were pregnant

all along. Symptoms


Frequent urinating

Naseou day and night

Creamy and clear liquid coming out nipples and areola

Two days light bleeding which stopped by itself

Missed period

As of last week frequent bowel movements, like three to four times a day, someone please help

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Hi. Have they checked your ovaries too? Blood tests for hormones? Get back to your GP and ask very nicely for them to help you sort this! 😀


Have you talked to your doctor about Endo?


No what's that?


The leaking from nipples would worry me have you had that checked?

There are some meds that affect hormone levels, could be as simple as that.


Hi gardengnome, i understand what your saying, but I'm not on any meds at all.


Did you ask the doc about the discharge from nipples previously? Don't want to panic you if you already have health anxieties, but that would be a classic redflag sign, though it could just be an infection I suppose


Ok but wouldn't i be in pain if i had an infection? Today is Monday and I'm giving it until Saturday to see if my period shows up. But I'm going to pick up my ultrasound results today.

Will keep you guys posted.


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