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feeling sick after getting over a sickness ?

so about two weeks ago, i had strep throat and i had to take a 10 day medication , which i just got done taking 4 days ago. ever since i got done, i have had stomach aches and now i keep on feeling like I'm about to gag or vomit , which freaks me out bc i have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) help? I'm so confused on whats going . and btw i have ibs. idk if that has to do w/ anything

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Hi Elise:-)

Sometimes people can get a reaction to antibiotics and it can pass. The stomach ache

and nausea could be something unrelated, possibly a different virus you've picked up

due to your immune system being under attack.

To get the best advice discuss these concerns with your doctor. The situation is obviously causing you stress, and that will probably aggravate the IBS. xB


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