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Horribly sore sex?

Hi everyone. So roughly about 6 months sex started to really hurt and I got terribly sore, mainly around the entrance and just inside. (It's not a deep pain- although I do experience that sometimes as I suffer from endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. I've been with my current boyfriend for a year now- for a few months I was perfectly fine- no soreness but after about 4/5 months I started to get sore everytime we had sex. I have tried about 6 or 7 different types of lubricant and jellys that have made 0 difference. I went first to have a full sti screening and everything came back all clear. So I went to my gp who referred me back to my gynecologist (as I was being seen also by urology and gynecology for bladder and endometriosis related issues) it's not a matter of not being lubricated or wet enough, me and my boyfriend spend alot of time with foreplay to make things easier.

The pain is a awful burning and stinging pain (I don't have thrush) I've been avoiding soaps and irritants too. Have tried thrush treatments just incase, I even take painkillers before and after and have to sit in the bath just to take the edge of the pain. I'm due to go back to gynecology at some point where I will bring it up with them again. But it's absolutely awful. Having sex feels like I've been set alight and I can't stand it.

Does anyone experience this? Not deep pain but at the entrance and just inside? I'm considering trying a numbing agent cream as I don't know what else to do. I've sat with a ice pack on and also had a bath with warm water to soak. I take amitriptyline as a pain blocker, fluxotine for my depression, co-cyprindol for contraception- I don't use condoms and not allergic to latex or anything else.

Advice, suggestions help would be appreciated.


X Jordan X

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Yes - about 8 years ago I started being perimenopausal. I don't know how old you are, but could that b a cause? I started early and then had early menopause this year. I am afraid that I also couldn't find anything that worked and now am on topical HRT which does help to an extent. There are also vaginal moisturisers that you can get - there's one called Replens. I am going to try that too as the HRT could do with a wee bit of help :-) Hope you find out what's causing it. Best x

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Hi there. Thanks for your reply. I'm only 24 so I can only help I'm not experiencing anything menopausal. I do suffer from polycystic ovaries and also endometriosis but I can't fathom how that would cause pain and soreness at the entrance and more superficially rather than deep pain. I'm still baffled but am thinking about having a look at the moisturiser you suggested just on the off chance it might help. I'm still baffled! Back to the gynecologist I think!xx


Hi could it be that you are allergic to your partners sperm ? Just a thought.


I don't think so as it usually starts hurting within the first minute of sex, during and for hours and hours afterwards, also we've been together for over a year now and this only started up about 5 months ago so I'm baffled really. But thanks for your suggestion. X


Hmm maybe you have experienced it to be very sore, and now sub consciously your thinking it's going to hurt all the time, I hope you can get this sorted, go to Dr and if they can't help I would ask to be referred to hospital where maybe someone can help you. Let us know how you get on. I wish you all the best, Take care xx


Out of interest, when I first started noticing how sore it was I was tested for endometriosis - I think that's a cause of painful sex. Quick google search endometriosis.org/resources...

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It sounds like it could be something like vulvodynia. Have a little look at this website and see if it sounds about right vulvalpainsociety.org/vps/i...


There are a lot of things that can result in painful intercourse, and it's probably not worth us trying to suggest what it might be - I started to experience a sharp stabbing pain approximately 6 years ago, and have spent a lot of time chasing false possibilities from suggestions made on various forums. It will benefit you more to speak to someone who has a bit of experience.

My GP spent around a year trying me on thrush treatments, antibiotics, steroid creams, lubricants and all sorts, I was eventually referred to a vulval clinic as opposed to a gynecologist, and I think the vulval clinic is better for dealing with this kind of thing. The Doctor there said that using false treatments can make matters worse.

I have known of people to apply coconut oil to the area, and found that to be helpful. Other's find that switching to cotton-only sanitary products helps. The standard recommendation is to stop using washing powder, switch to cotton (non-tight) underwear, stop using shower gels, and don't wash hair in the shower.

If you wish to do some further reading, try "when sex hurts" - it is really comprehensive, and also helps you to describe your pain accurately to your doctor.


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