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8 days late

Hey there, so I'm late on my period, it's not normal for me to be I have noticed that the day when I was suppose to Start every time I would wipe it would be a faint like pink it never got on my underwear I'm so confused right now because I have milky white discharged my back is killing me my breasts hurt and I'm tired beyond belief I'm taking about 5 tiny naps a day and I haven't ever took that many naps before even with those naps it still feels like it's not enough I've been really moody lately and being very mean and then nice someone please help I would love to know what to do?!?!

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Hi Isabella :-)

A white discharge could be vaginal thrush, it's quite common to have painful breasts

around the time of a monthly period, and stress could be delaying the start of your period.

If the discharge causes itchiness, has an odour, or continues to worry you, consult your doctor.

Vaginal thrush is not uncommon. A white discharge isn't always a sign to panic but

for peace of mind, if it continues, see your doctor 😎xB


Is there any chance you could be pregnant?

The slight bleed could be an implantation bleed, where the embryo attaches itself to you womb lining.

The other symptom you described are also signs of pregnancy.


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