Iron and Vitamin D tests from GP

I have fibriods and severe endometriosis. I am wondering if anyone has had any success requesting Iron, Vitamin D, B Vitamin, or any Vitamin tests at all from their GP. I asked a few years ago for a general test to check any deficiencies.. request declined. Also I have noticed that some people have had tests done privately. Can anyone provide any recommendations? I live in London.

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  • Hi. I too have severe endo. I was suffering with extreme fatigue and I had my vit d and iron levels checked. If I had not had the fatigue they would not have checked my levels I don't think. My vit D level was only 4, so i had to go and see a consultant who could prescribe the higher does pills tp bring it up as it was so low. My gp apologised to me afterwards for not thinking of testing me sooner.


  • Thank you so much for your reply. I hope your Vit D levels are back/getting back to normal. I have made a GP appointment so will see how I get on. Fingers crossed!

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