Can I get pregnant on the last day of the injection?

Hello, I'm due for another injection (depo) on the 15th but I'm wondering, can I get pregnant the day before on the 14th (last day of the injection being in my system) if I were to have sex?

Also, I personally hated the injection as my body didn't react too well to it so I'm going back to the pill. I'll take the pill on the 15th (the day I'm supposed to have the injection), will I be protected immediately?

Thank you

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  • I was also on the depo and as far as I remember it stays in your system for 4 months but you get them every 3 months. I had my last one march of 2013 and till this day have not been able to get pregnant. I know its different for everyone but I really don't think a day will make a difference because the deposit stays in your system for a while. I would recommend using a different form of birth control so you wouldn't have to worry about anything. Hope that helps some

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