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What's the best sleep position during pregnancy?

I recently discovered that sleeping on your side while you’re pregnant, in particular your left side may benefit your baby by improving blood flow etc. However I am finding this very difficult and uncomfortable at the moment! I find myself rolling over to my right side during the night, surely you can’t sleep on your left throughout the night!??! At what stage in pregnancy can I start sleeping on my left? Please help.

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Hi honeycomb:-)


Have you tried lying on your side with a pillow to support your tummy?

A pillow under your knees can be comfortable too.

Antenatal sessions, and talking to midwives should be a big help:-)

The main thing is to actually be comfortable enough to sleep :-) xB


Hi Wobblybee,

Thank you. I should have mentioned that I use a body pillow but still find myself rolling over to my right side after some time! I guess what side you sleep doesn't really matter in the first trimester but it's a good idea to get used to sleeping on your left side early! Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.



Sweet dreams :-) xB


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