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Introduce yourself to the rest of the ladies

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We’re excited about what you can go on to do for those interested in women's health. We hope you are too. Write something today about your experience and you’ll be starting your own online movement. And get inspiration from Nick York, another advocate in HealthUnlocked here

What made you join?

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Hi, my name is Beryl. I'm 64 and I'm also a member of AtaxiaUK.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia, despite testing

against current types at that time, it was decided that the cause was

Idiopathic, unknown origin. I live near Newcastle upon Tyne, in the


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misschris in reply to wobblybee

Hi wobblybee

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to misschris

Good Morning :-) xB

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Afternoon :)

Hello, I had squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix age 30 and hoping forthcoming smear will confirm I'm still in remission.

I'm 2 years in remission following thyroid cancer and currently in remission for bipolar depression diagnosed in my late teens/early twenties. I'm an administrator on Thyroid UK.

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Hi Clutter

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Clutter in reply to misschris

*Waves* hello to MissChris and the other new members :)

Hiya everyone I'm Beverley onto my 3rd time having CIN changes of the cervix had 2 loop biopsies but the cells keep returning

I'm a member on a few sites here lupus UK and Hughes syndrome also,it's nice to meet you all *gives everyone a wave* :-)

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Hi bevjane

Hi All,

I am Chris I had a total thyroidecotmy in 2009, gone through the menopause when I was 45.I am a member on Thyroid UK. I live in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Hi All

I'm Gem and I will be 75 in August. Live in Dorset. Been member of Thyroid UK for some years. 2 years ago diagnosed with Temporal Arteritis and treated with massive amount of steroids which seems to have sorted that out as far as I can tell but left me with bone density problem, 8 collapsed vertebrae with extreme pain and now hooked on narcotic drug which I'm desperate to withdraw from because of addiction and side effects. Its nice to meet you all.

Hi all, my name is Julie and I live in The Lake District, Cumbria.

In 2012 I had a triple bypass and have now been told the artery towards my leg is rather blocked!! I also suffer with epilepsy although thankfully, petit mal which are the half a minute episodes. Other than that, fighting fit!!!

My name is Anne, I also have Spinocerebellar Ataxia but women's health really interests me. I am 57 married & have 3 grown up children and 6 Grandchildren. I am a member of Ataxia UK and HealthUnlocked. I'de luv to join this group.

Hi my name is Sheri, have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the beginning of the year along with high blood pressure, bursitis of the hips, and Achalasia with reflux, all within 6 months, doctors thinks I have depression also but I'm not buying that one just yet!

Hi my name is Jacquie and I am 70 (gulp! ). I am subclinical hypothyroid now on 50 thyrox. and I had vaginal repair surgery last year.

Hi, my name is Sue, I am a member of Thyroid UK, Rheumy and fibro sites on Health unlocked.

I am 62, and have Osteoarthritis and COPD, along with Hypothyroidism ,

pleased to meet you all and some I know by name from the other sites,

I am sure we can help and support each other. :)


Hello I am Olive and have an underactive thyroid and am on 125 mcg thyroxine. I am a member of Thyroid U.k.

I would like to join your new community.


Hello I am Olive and have an underactive thyroid and am taking 125 mcg thyroxine. At the moment suffering from Sciatica and have been to a Homoeopathic Shop for some pills to help. I am a member of thyroid U.K.

I would love to join.

Hi I'm Sam, I'm 40 something and have i.b.s. I would like to speak to other people who have similar problems, help I feel like I'm alone!

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Clutter in reply to watergate21

Hi Sam, you aren't alone, lots of people are struggling with IBS. Why not ask a Question if there is something specific you need answers to or write a Post asking others to chat or contribute their coping strategies.

Hi my name is Mags. I have an under active thyroid and also copd. I live and work in town called Forres.

Hi , my name is Chris , member of HU, TUK, Raynaud's, Lupus . I'm almost 75 ,Raynaud's , Discoid Lupus since childhood . Diagnosed hypothyroid about 7 years ago, but all things considered am fighting fit!!!

I am 59 years old from India diagonised and treated for breast cancer in 2012. Had a recurrence of the cancer ony liver and now undergoing intravenous and oral chemotherapy. Like joining this forum where we come to know each other's problems though in all practical purposes we can hardly take away each other's personal agony ( physical). Hope to get some real life stories sharing of agony which

Makes one closer thru heart to each other. A big wave to all!

Hi I'm Ruth -managed to get to 52 so far. I've been diagnosed with a range of auto Immune conditions, suffered from "ladies issues" all my life - starting with a ruptured ovarian cyst in my teens, miscarriages, couple of cancer scares. Now I just accept that I didn't take very good care of myself when I was younger and so I'm falling to pieces earlier than I should. still I'm still breathing - with the help of my inhalers and take some tablets that work and others that seem to just stop the side effects of others.

Hi guys! My name is Sue! How do you do?!? I'm 56 and I live in North Wales. I'm a member of the Fibro page but I also have T2 diabetes, lymphoedema, osteoarthritis, vasculitis, familial essential tremor, and I've just started getting vertigo!

I think that's enough really, don't you?? XXXX

Hello All, my name is Eileen. I am 58 years of age. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid around 10 years ago and last year discovered I have a tortuous colon, which means I have an extra bit of colon that sits near my right kidney and produces IBS type symptoms when it flares up. On reading other posts here, I am very fortunate indeed.

Hi I'm Nicky

I've just turned 47 and was diagnosed with paroxysmal Atriul fibrillation a few months ago - struck out of the blue! Constantly on a diet and also started running. Probably the slowest 5K runner in the world (darn those beta blockers!). Also have a wonky right arm having broken both elbows about 18 months ago - never do anything by halves girls!

Hello everybody,my name is Mia.I have severe anxiety,no energy,low blood pressure,med phobia,and get regular uti infections.I am 61 years old,and from to talk to you all,and mayby get some advice on how to cope..

love Mia.x

Hi everyone, I am Linda and I live in Central Scotland. I am 55 and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, with number 5 due in early November. Up to today I have been a Primary teacher, supporting learners across the school. Today I am being medically retired, though there is no sign of a pension as yet, from a job I love so much.

I have lymphoedema in both legs and fibromyalgia, I also suffer with bursitis, chronic anxiety and depression and pre existing chronic neck pain. Added to this I had a fall down stairs about 10 weeks ago which has left me with damage to the rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Otherwise I am healthy :-) I am looking forward to being part of a supportive group of people interested in being well.

Hi, I'm Sarah

I had a severe PPH minutes after the birth of my son, 2 blood transfusions, some kind of procedure to stop the bleeding, 5 days in hospital, plus iron tablets and injections to administer at home. Simply put I nearly died.

That was 2 1/2 yrs ago, I'm 39 and we are thinking about having another baby, god willing, but I am afraid of the birth and not being around to look after my son, new baby and husband. It is something I worry about a lot and it's taking the joy out of the life I do have.

I would like to hear from those who have experienced a similar trauma.

Good morning everyone, have only been on HU for a few months - 1 year ago i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis - I had no idea it was an autoimmune disease - I do now. I also am a member of raynaud's and ibs. Just got settled on meds for RA but still struggling, looking through the posts though I realise that there are things out there that people suffer from that I didn't even know existed. I look forward to being part of a supportive female network.

Hi I'm Lizzy, I live in East Anglia, I'm married and have 3 children and six grandchildren. I'm a member of HU because I have COPD Bronchiectasis, high blood pressure and cholesterol amongst other things, and arthritis in my right ankle and lumbar spinal stenosis which has referred pain to my hips so walking gets a bit tedious at times. I've just got back from a lovely 5 days in a caravan with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and twin granddaughters, 2 1/2 years old. Happy to meet everyone on this new site and say HALLO to you all. Take care Lizzy.

Hi Simone and thanks for the invite.

My name is Oscarine and I have been on dialysis for 21years, have had two transplants so far and currently on hemodialysis and transplant list. I trained as a LifeCoach in order to help other people overcome obstacles and live the life they desire to live; you can read more here

hi im ann !! i am 72yrs old and from greenwich , london and all things considered i am not too bad health wise ( at the moment ) . i have an under active thyroid , cervical spondylosis . heart murmur ( leaky valve ) . onset of osteo-artheritis i think it comes from the spondylosis in my neck .swollen ankles ( odema ), all at the moment under control , just hope it stays that way !!! but in life its not promised . i have not heard of some of the things you other people have but im sure i will learn about them from you all , nice to meet you

Hi. I'm 52 and have been with HU since January 2013 when I joined the quit support group to stop smoking. 3 months into the quit and I also joined the thyroid group as I thought my overactive thyroid was flaring up again but must have been a false alarm. I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2009 after suffering for many months with very swollen ankles. I tried giving up smoking then, thinking the ankle swelling was caused by poor circulation. However a couple of months into the quit and I started shaking a lot, getting breathless and lost over a stone in a month. I was then diagnosed with an over active thyroid (graves disease) and put on beta blockers and carbimazole tablets. By this time I had started smoking again but was warned that people with thyroid problems can end up with a serious eye problem made more of a risk by smoking. I nodded in agreement that it would be a good idea to stop smoking and carried on.

I was on the carbimazole for 18 months, gradually reducing the dosage and "touch wood" haven't had any problems with it since. Since then in 2010 I dieted and lost 3 1/2 stones with Weightwatchers online. I have put a stone of it back, but have weighed the same for the last 12 months and am happy with my weight. In 2009 I took up cycling for exercise and still cycle regularly to date. (about 2 or 3 times a week). It's lasted far longer than any gym membership I've ever taken out.

In January 2013 after my dentist told me I was in serious danger of losing my teeth very soon as a result of advanced gum disease, probably caused by, but certainly not helped by smoking, I reluctantly decided to have another bash at giving up. It's been a hard slog and I am still addicted to nicotine via an e-cig but I have now managed to finally ditch the nicotine lozenges that I was also taking regularly. Thankfully I only put on about 6lb as a result of stopping smoking, I know many people pile on the weight when they stop. I have now been stopped smoking for 17 months, though as I say, not nicotine free yet.

After reading everyone's intro's I feel very lucky to be in pretty good health at the moment and am hoping to keep it that way where possible.

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vizrodge in reply to

Good for you to only use the e cig!! I still can't convert to them (weak willed even after triple bypass) and envy you. My specialist did say the e cig was "safer" than the norm as you don't get all the tar/dirt with the real thing. Might try hypnotherapy for the umpteenth time, you never know!!

in reply to vizrodge

Hi Viz. I only use the e-cig now but its taken me 12 months to ditch nicotine lozenges too, I didn't think I could ever get off them. Why don't you join Quit Support on Health Unlocked. It's a very active community and you could just read all the comments and stuff for a while, it might just help you to try the e-cig again. Check with your specialist first, but how about NRT lozenges plus an e-cig at first. Just don't use them both at the same time :D I've done that a couple of times - ugh not nice, you could never overdose on nicotine it makes you feel really sick.

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vizrodge in reply to

Thanks for letting me know, I'll have a look!!


My name is Sue. I live in West Yorkshire.

I have fibromyalgia, an under active thyroid, angioedema, ( for which I carry an EpiPen), migraine,and I suffer anxiety and panic attacks.

I am a member on the Fibromyalgia community and 2 others.

I am 52 years young going through the menopause, I have a prolapse and am waiting ing for surgery.

Apart from all that I am fine.

Hi my name is Tina I am 48 years old and a member of thyroid uk have had an underactive thyroid for 20 years also have PA,RA and OA a big hello to everyone

I am jean and I am 64, I suffer from ipf, bronchiectasis, and anca vasculitis.

good afternoon ladies.

hi I am 58 and had cervical cancer at 29 and had to have a hysterectomy, which by the following year I was Diagnosed as hypothyroid and spent the next twenty years on 125 mcg levothyroxine until at menapause my body stopped converting the thyroxine and I packed in smoking after 39 years. The day I stopped smoking I joined the gym and made sure I did not overeat but piled 4 stone on in a year, that's what made me visit the doctor several times only to be told I was overeating or exercise more. After the docs stupidity I went to a private doctor and was prescribed an alternative medication which basically saved my life.


I have just joined. Please feel free to read my profile. And I look forward to making friends with you.

J x

Hi,, ive just returned back as its very helpful on here and nice to know im not alone. im 52 and have been having Migraine and Menopausal problems. Bit of a tough time as im sure you ladies will understand!. Girl Power!!. :)

hi im new im joanne im 22 years old

i have been on that many contraception such as the pill , the patch , the implant , the injection.

i have been taken off them because i have migraines which put me to bed basically for the day or maybe more.

i recently just got off the injection as it has made me put on weight and kept having bleeding during the injection. i havent had a period since i got off the injection ... now i am producing milk in my breasts i have tested to see if im pregnant but the test says im not pregnant at all.

what should i do ?

help please

J xx

hi ladies

I am Yvonne from Leeds in West Yorkshire. Only joined up today so still finding my way around your site.

Hello Hola I'm Julie been living and working too had out here in southern Spain. I started peri menopausal back 9 years ago. Suffer really badly with the hot flushes day and night still. Became widowed 9 years ago and suffered depression on and off. Off medication at present. It's very hard.

Dr. Snita Sinukumar Bhaskaran is a Cancer Specialist in Pune ,India who has introduced and practices cutting edge technologies in Pune. And First Lady Cancer Surgeon in Pune visit:

Hello I am new here,think it’s good to keep informed of health issues when we are older.

PERI-MENOPAUSE - My first day on this forum. Would love to hear from women going through the Peri-menopause as am finding it so difficult. The worst is my insomnia which I have had for 6 weeks. On the nights I don't take sleeping pills am surviving on as little as 40 mins sleep some nights. Its a struggle to work, do anything and have lost my joy. Am about to start HRT today so praying that it cures my sleep problem. Thanks

Hi my name is Rachel,

when reading the introductions on here, i realise how fortunate i am, and that in itself is a gift.

I have nocturnal epilepsy, which is medicated and controlled. However, I do need to take care and ensure i avoid triggers.

ive had gallstones travel upto my livet after my gall bladder was removed. spent many months on morphine.

As a result of cameras and keyhole surgery and weight gain i developed an large umbilical hernia. this needed fixing twice. and still has a small protrusion.

this holds me back exercising as one of the meshes slipped during a walk.

I also suffer badly from SAD.

nothing as dramatic as many of you ladies, and i find you an inspiration.


Hi. my name's Carol. I'm 50 and going through menopause. any advice is welcomed.

My name is Tammy and I'm 48 and feel I'm in pretty good health other than the fact that I'm always exhausted. I'm yawning all the time. I take a multi-vitamin as well as an omega but still feel sluggish. I work in a physical job which I have no problem keeping up I just feel like maybe age maybe catching up with me. I'm looking to get feedback from other women in their 40's about this whole energy thing!

Hi, my name is Phoebe and I am 26 and had an unplanned Ectopic pregnancy in 2016 which meant I had to have surgery to remove one of my Fallopian tubes. I have recently chosen to be off invasive birth control methods for various personal and hormonal reasons. I would like to speak with other women who have been through unplanned pregnancies and might be feeling anxious about their health and future pregnancies and also would like to get some advice about post-op birth control methods. I have found sexual health clinics incredibly helpful but would like to know what works for other people before I decide whether or not to move onto another method.

Are there any women here who suffer from seizures?


Hello from Long Beach, Wa

I’m 57 years old widower & soon to be a divorcee

I have HPV, and awoke with bumps on the inside right side roof of my mouth

Feeling very afraid 😟

Hi everyone new to this


I'm excited to be here to support and be supported!

Got fit in my mid-20s after never really being interested. Did couch to 5k, bought a bike and then ended up doing a solo 4000 mile challenge the same year.

Following a bike/car crash, being left in the road but making a speedy physical recovery and, more recently, pneumonia, I'm back to square 1 and overweight (BMI 27).

Lost a lot of motivation but we'd like to try and conceive within the next year so I want to be in peak mental and physical condition to welcome a mini-us into the world.

Got to try and overcome the guilt of wanting to try at the same time as starting a new job, too.

Much love to you all and best wishes for all of your journeys xxx

Hi I’m Alison. I’m 42 and started premature menopause when I was 38. I also have IBS, Chronic Anxiety, Asthma, hyper mobility in my feet, Fibromyalgia, GERD and a few others too. I had a heart ablation in 2007 and had an unpleasant birth with my last child in 2009. Since I have gone down hill. I live in Kingston Upon Hull. Good morning everyone and I hope everyone has a good day x

Hello I am new to this forum. I have wanted to talk about this for sometime to someone, so here goes.10 years ago I started having very painful intercourse and went to the doctor, she said I seemed to have lesions and referred me to hospital. I went to the hospital, the doctor who was sitting with two nurses asked me about my history. “So you have three children and I see you had a termination and one miscarriage prior to that. I felt really intimidated and guilty in front of the other nurses. My termination was when I was very young didn’t even know much about the pill and my miscarriage was sadly after I first got married and I was devastated. Anyway, he examined me and said “no further action”. After going back to the doctor she read the letter from the hospital and said “Has this got any worse? I said “No it’s the same” and that was that. We have not been able to have intercouse since then. I just feel I was being judged and because of this punished. I just wanted to get this off my chest as I have never spoken about it before.

Hi name is Brandi just wondering any other woman diagnose with with Desquamative inflammatory vaginitis I have smelly urine and discharge and burning they said most women get this during menopause. Hey some younger women get it to I’m only 30. Just feel like I’m the only one that has it

Hi my name us Jackie I am experiencing some problems and hopefully this site may be able to help hopefully someone else been through same problems

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