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Longer bus ride

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Started week 10 on Monday, had problems with the scales at the gym. So today a trip to the Dr, I'll try the scales there. First he told me no running / strenuous exercise till my knee gets better then the reading of 80 kilos on the scales,heavier than I thought I was. I will try to rethink exercise plan, not sure what to do.Then carry on after 12 weeks. and remember to add 3 kilos to next weeks weigh in at the gym. Have a good Easter holiday :)

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Hi newpie,

You know, swimming or some water-based exercises could be a good idea.

Some low impact exercise machines at the gym might be a possibility, or perhaps focus your efforts on your upper body until you knee is better.

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Hi Doikosp, thanks for that, my swimming lessons usually on a friday, but I could try one of the main sessions in the week as well. Add to that a upper body workout and walking and I shouldn't be far off the 150 minutes. :)

Oh newpie, I think this 12 week plan is a good place to start, it's a good way to break old habits and create some new healthier ones. Just think how far you've come already - you've been committed to changing your lifestyle for 10 weeks now! That's brilliant!

I know running is a cheap form of exercise and the 9 week NHS Couch to 5K program looks good but Doikosp makes a good suggestion about swimming. It is an excellent form of exercise that makes your body work hard without the impact on joints. I must confess that the only thing that puts me off about doing more regular swimming or aqua classes is the constant "hair situation" if you know what I mean ;) Lol!


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Hi Tabytha, thanks for your reply.You are right I've done 10 weeks and changed a lot, but it's only half way. I will increase my swimming, although it will be strange not having the instructor in the pool with me. I'm thinking about getting a cap, one of those bright coloured ones. Then people can see me and get out of the way in time :)

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