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time to commit to something

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I’ve been popping in & out of this forum for ages but have never got involved. I am on the waiting list for a revision hip replacement & my right hip is now giving me a lot of bother as well. I feel that losing weight would help a lot but I have tried so many plans & after a short time I give up. I was thinking if I made a commitment to this forum I might find something that suits and stick with it! I am open to any suggestions, thanks

7 Replies
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Lytham3 stone

Massive well done making the commitment, would you also like to commit to our Easter Challenge? Here's the link, it'll be great to have you with us x


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I'm sure getting involved will help. Chat to members, ask questions, be open to new ideas and think positive :)

This is the most straightforward, sustainable plan I've come across phcuk.org/wp-content/upload... Have a look and see if the fake foods have crept into your diet. Good luck :)

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I feel every pound you shed will really really help . I had my gall bladder out a couple of days ago after a wait of 17 months . Luckily a private hospital was taking NHS patients but they were very very keen to work out my BMI and I probed them . They wanted nobody with a BMI over 30 .There were a few other boxes to tick too but I was relieved I ticked them . A few years ago I would have been borderline - at least .

The treatment I got was brilliant and after surgery the bloated swollen part of my body - my upper stomach has almost flattened . I have put myself on a light recovery smoothie and veg soup diet for at least 2 weeks with a daily salad just so I use this opportunity to shed a few pounds whilst I can't walk outdoors and am still feeling effects of surgery / painkillers .

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Speedyknitter1232lbs in reply to focused1

you will be glad the surgery is out of the way! Hope you have a very speedy recovery!x

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jaydenerinlucy2022 April


I have had both my hips replaced and lost 2 stone before the first one just calorie counting. I was bone on bone in both hips and couldn't take a step without a walker so I know the agony you're in. Good luck.

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Speedyknitter1232lbs in reply to jaydenerinlucy

Thankyou, did losing the weight make it easier for you.

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jaydenerinlucy2022 April in reply to Speedyknitter123

To be honest, it made absolutely no difference to the pain. It might have made recovery a bit easier (after my first right hip replacement I was non weight bearing for the 1st 4 weeks so had to haul myself about using upper body). I understand why surgeons want people to lose weight post-surgery: I was told it was to do with higher the bmi, higher the risk of complications but both my surgeries went absolutely great- no issues with healing or recovery.

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