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Helpful hints?

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Faster4Life2022 November
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Does anyone want to share a hint or two that is working for them?

I am drawn to keto and intermittent fasting, but will read anything that pertains to weight loss.

I hear a lot about ACV and have seen a few interesting drink recipes.

Any recommendations?

16 Replies
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I am convinced that it's useful to explore things one is drawn towards (as long as they are healthy :) ) It's much more likely to be sustainable if we enjoy whatever we choose. Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all here...

I personally find Intermittent Fasting very suitable for me, because my main difficulty is to stop eating once I start :) I am also never hungry in the morning, which makes it very easy to skip breakfast. Altogether, less frequent meals and bigger portions suit me very well :) But Intermittent Fasting on its own is not enough for me, I also need to watch what I eat and how much.

I cannot comment about Apple Cider Vinegar, as I haven't tried using it.

If you look around the forum, you will find a number of events. Daily Diary would allow you to share eating plans and see what others are planning, Fit is Fun is about being active, Weigh In - to keep us on track. You can find all the details in our Pinned Posts:

Hope to see you joining in!

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Faster4Life2022 November in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Thanks for the tip and thanks for having me here!

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to Faster4Life

participation certainly helps! :)

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Fatbuddy2022 April

Green veggie juice for 4 days then complete fasting one day. Then 4 days green juice, repeat. Helps loose weight. Try 60 days.

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Faster4Life2022 November in reply to Fatbuddy

Thank you! Any special recipe on this or just a spirulina with vitamins?

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to Fatbuddy

sounds extreme :O

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TrimmerteacherMaintainer in reply to Fatbuddy

Sounds miserable and completely unsustainable to me, but each to their own. 😊

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Trimmerteacher

Agreed, and where's the protein? Two months without protein? Sounds unhealthy.

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Happyman5Visitor in reply to Fatbuddy

Is this something that have personally done??

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Fatbuddy2022 April in reply to Happyman5

No. I dint need to loose. See my comment below about my cousin brother.

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I did the 5:2 fasting diet the last time I dieted, that is before I put all the pounds back on. It did work but I found it wasn't sustainable once I reached a decent weight and of course I reverted to my weight gaining diet. This time round I've had success with high fibre, eating healthy not processed foods and keeping a rough check on calories. So far I've managed to maintain the loss for 6 months. Weighing in here every week helps me and I feel if I gain I let the side down.

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Fatbuddy2022 April

My cousin brother from Chicago went to India for 3 months treatment at Naturopathy. He lost 25 pounds already in 60 days.

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Here's my opinion: whatever you do, be prepared to do for the rest of your life. There is no such thing (imo) as a "diet" and then "maintenance"...maintenance is just code for "slowly putting the weight back on". (To a point--I guess once you hit your 80's, most folks lose naturally)

So (again,imo!) if you drink only juice for a bunch of months you will totally lose weight, but when you stop...yikes.

Anyway, I do keto/intermittent fasting. I happen to think it's the easiest only because I'm never actually hungry. I found calorie counting hard because I would run out of my allowance long before I was satisfied. But that's me!

I used to say I never cheated, but I can't anymore--I have on a couple vacations. (I mean, a croissant in France type thing.) Folks on this board helped me feel ok about that and it was. I snapped right back.

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Scaffie2 stone

fascinating to read the previous replies. I agree with doing what works for you. For me fasting sounds a nightmare but others love it.

My own journey was having belonged to all the fat clubs, worked out why they don’t work, I finally decided to do it myself. I joined here and decided not to diet, we eat a very healthy diet, plenty of vegetables and all homemade food.

I have observed that my husband has a different metabolism to me, if we eat the same quantity I gain weight (I’m a woman). So I cut down portion sizes and lost some weight. Then I cut out biscuits and lost more. Etc..

Exercise plays a part for all of us; if we keep going we will keep going. Sometimes we gain muscle which is annoying but feeling fitter is better for us too.

I don’t agree that maintenance is a euphemism for putting weight on. Yes this is the rest of my life, lifestyle choice. When I have achieved the weight and size I want to I will eat the occasional biscuit, drink the odd glass, or 3 of wine. I understand overindulgence will make me fatter so I need to be careful. I’d rather be careful than larger and ill,

I know when I’m 80 it’ll all go but I still have 20 years which I intend to enjoy 😉

TBH the greatest battle is in your head and the younger you get that the easier this will all be!

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Faster4Life2022 November

Thanks to all for taking time to reply. I am looking into keto to help me amp up protein and eliminate processed fooods.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Faster4Life

Hi, a moderate low carb, high fat approach will help with that, without needing to go for keto, which can be rather restrictive long term. Maybe you could start with a couple of keto weeks then ease into low carb, checking as you go.

There are plenty of low carb recipes here, in Topics

Diet Doctor is useful, as is Carb Dodging but you can also just Google, "low carb recipe for ..."

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