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Type 2 borderline Diabetic diet help required

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Wetherbyboy2021 September

Hi, looking fo help in losing 2 stone at a steady pace. Any help would be great thanks

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Hi Wetherbyboy and welcome to this amazing forum. I suggest you spend some time clicking about to find your way around. It's easier if you have a lap-top as there are several threads. If you’re using another device I strongly suggest that you use the web page as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around.

Have a good read of the pinned post “Welcome Newbies” and follow every thread.

Here’s the link to the pinned posts,


Here’s the link for the “Tour” of the forum. If you haven’t already taken it.


I strongly suggest you read and contribute to the Daily Diary and participate in a Weekly Weigh in.

You will find there's loads of tips about better eating, from other members. Sharing your daily menu not only helps you stay committed, it can help other members too.

I don't know what information you've been given but diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism so it isn't just a question of losing weight: you need to make changes to what you eat. This is a guide from a GP who has had great results with his patients


I think you'll find it very straightforward.

Here’s the link to a video about eating for diabetes.


Good luck I hope to "see " you around.

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ErylVisitor in reply to TheTabbyCat

Agreed, weight is not the cause of diabetes but another symptom that the diet is wrong.

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Hi and welcome, Wetherbyboy :)

TheTabbyCat has given you some helpful links and you may find more here healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

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Hi Wetherbyboy, i just had to respond to a name like that... Yorkshire is my neck of the woods 😁

I was lucky that i haven't been pre diabetic. I started my journey a year ago at 24 stone (153kg) and have steadily reduced my weight by over 11 stone with reducing my carb intake. I'm aware carbs mean insulin spikes which is bad for diabetics and pre diabetics. I've swapped potato for celeriac and have cauliflower rice with homemade curry or in risotto for example. I don't eat bread or pasta. I have made a couple of keto breads which are a good substitute but to be honest i don't miss them anymore 😊

I think on the weight loss side of things my tips would be get as involved as you can on this forum as the support, encouragement and advice is brilliant. I would also say don't set a big target from the beginning. When i first started i never thought i could lose the weight i needed to so each week i just wanted a loss, any loss. Then as i started collecting weight loss badges on weigh in day (monday for me) i aimed for the next one and the next etc. I still have trouble believing i'm almost half the size i used to be, its unreal and amazing lol

I wish you all the best on your journey. You can do this and turn that pre diabetic diagnosis around 💖 xx

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Wetherbyboy2021 September in reply to springersrule

It’s you!!!! I saw you with the dogs this morning. You’ve inspired me. I’m going for it. I’m away for a weeks holiday & then it’s starting. Great meeting you this morning & that black lab is mad 😀

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springersruleModerator in reply to Wetherbyboy

It is 😂. Great to see you join so quickly, i'm flattered 😊 It was great to meet you and your dogs too. I wasn't sure it was you hence i didn't dive in with a hi its me straight away lol

Have a fab holiday then come back and we'll steer you along 😊 xx

Ps oh yes, he's as mad as a box of frogs 😂

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to springersrule

Oh how lovely! It's a small world!

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springersruleModerator in reply to TheTabbyCat

It really is 😁 xx

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LythamModerator in reply to springersrule

Recruiting on your walks, now that's dedication! :-) x lol

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springersruleModerator in reply to Lytham

Lol. When anyone asks i always tell them about this forum. You know how its made such a difference for me.. How could i not plug it 😁💖 xx

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LythamModerator in reply to springersrule

Well make sure you bring him to the Christmas Challenge with you :-) x lol

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springersruleModerator in reply to Lytham

Oh i will 😂 xx

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LythamModerator in reply to springersrule

EXCELLENT, it's up and running now! :-) x


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Simply-don’t call it a diet . This has to be lifestyle. I am 61 . I didn’t cut anything out . I eat 3 meals a day focusing on portions and cutting out snacks . Try MFP - free app for a guide to salt, sugar , macros and try to do at least 1 good walk per week or swim / exercise you can do and will do . Even put an exercise bike in front of the TV or try You Tube . It is no good trying a punishment regime of shakes and cutting out everything you like . I maintain a loss of 18kg with little effort .

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pondlotusRestart May 2021

Sign up to Oviva. Your GP can prescribe. It works.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to pondlotus

I didn't know the name Oviva but have looked it up and see it's part of the Diabetes Prevention Programme and operates in some areas of the UK.

Could you tell us a bit more about what you got out of it and what changes you made?

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pondlotusRestart May 2021 in reply to BridgeGirl

My GP signed me up without asking. It’s dietician led, with group support. I couldn’t do the group but got an online learning package and toolkit for monitoring food, exercise and other factors, plus a monthly phone call. If I’d been new to pre-diabetes and neurotypical, it would have been perfect. As I’m not, I didn’t find the education helpful and I needed problem solving and support around exercise, insomnia and stress rather than (high-quality) dietary advice.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to pondlotus

Thanks. As you say, it may be useful for others

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Try 'The Pioppi Diet' the book is only around £8 from most booksellers or Amazon. You can correct the cause of diabetes in 21 days though it may take longer to loose the weight.

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