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I’m here to get some information on how I can lose weigh, I’m really struggling with my weight and nothing seems to work and now I have e just given up.

16 Replies
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Hello Rosie2021 and welcome to the weight loss forum. Please have a good read of the Pinned Post “Welcome Newbies”.


This is a very large community with lots going on. May I suggest you use the webpage as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around. Take your time and follow every thread so that you know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s the link for a “Tour” of the forum ,if you haven’t already taken it.


If you are following the NHS plan please check your BMI on the NHS site and obtain the correct amount of calories for you.


The Daily Diary and the Weekly Weigh ins are very good places to begin. You will find the DD and WI in the Pinned Posts

I find the Daily Diary a very good place to share my plans and get inspiration from other members, too. Once the day’s food is written down I’m far more likely to stay on track.

The key to success is participation, we are all on the same journey.

If you can’t find something just shout, there’s usually someone around.

I hope to “see” you around, Good Luck.🍀😉

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Lytham3 stone

Hello and welcome, great to have you with us! Ooh please don't give up, you've come to the right place, we'll have you losing in no time!

The first place I would start is today's weigh in, here's the link, just reply to dontdojogging there and I'm sure the Sunday team will make you very welcome, good luck! :-) x


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Hi and welcome, Rosie2021 :)

You've made a good decision in joining the TUK forum, because unless you're being optimally treated for your hypothyroidism weight loss will be nigh on impossible. Take their advice and stick with us for support :)

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Rosie2021 in reply to moreless

Thank you, I’m going to get some bloods done privately I think, but confused as to which one to use on the list given, any recommendations?

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Rosie2021

I would go for the full whack to start with, Medichecks do full thyroid and all vitamins and offer a reduction in price every Thursday.

Bear with me and I'll go and find a link for you :)

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morelessAdministrator in reply to moreless


Advanced Thyroid Function Test

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Rosie2021 in reply to moreless

Thank you I will definitely be getting one.

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Rosie2021

Make sure you follow the instructions to take the test as early in the morning as possible, no food and only water to drink. If you're on levothyroxine, your last dose should be taken 24 hrs before the test.

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Hi Rosie2021, you haven't given up because you're here :)

Between the Thyroid UK forum and here, I'm sure you can start making progress :)

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Debs25106 stone

Hi and welcome. You will get loads of help, advice and support on this forum and the best thing is we how all had weight issues so know how you are feeling.Please don't give up, there will be something that will work for you it's just finding the right one.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.


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Don't give up. I started at 25 stone, now I am 18 stone 4 pounds. Just set yourself small targets. I made a list of rewards at half a stone markers. Eg go the cinema, buy clothes in a slightly smaller size. I found that eating late at night was my downfall. I tend to have my food before 6pm. Everyone is different and as everyone on this forum knows, it is not easy to do it by yourself. So good luck. We are all here for each other. Malc

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Rosie2021 in reply to Slimmingdown270


I eat fairly healthy, I cook everyday even though I live on my own, I eat a lot of fresh fruit, veg not much meat and no red meat some fish. I do love dark chocolate and crisps! But not every day. What diet are you doing and do you exercise too? I’ve gone from climbing up snowdonia mountains to just about walking up a steep hill. I feel exhausted all the time and no energy anymore. 🥴

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Slimmingdown270 in reply to Rosie2021

Rosie as for exercise I have recently got my push bike out, after three years of it gathering dust. As for diet I try to eat the right things (as we all do) I still have a treat every now and again. I think you have to. Even if it is a couple of squares of dark chocolate for you. Or a piece of cheesecake for me. You have to. Otherwise you will find yourself sat down having finished off your fifth block of dark chocolate or that big bag of crisps. As for your exercise, don't try to do too much too quickly. If you haven't got anyone to walk with, take a pet. If you don't have a pet, you may have elderly neighbours who do. It doesn't feel like exercise then. Hope this helped. Malc

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Rosie2021 in reply to Slimmingdown270

Thank you Malc

I do walking most days and I have my Grandogs for a month this week and we will be going for long walks, I’m ok on the flat but when I try to mix in hills I get tired. I haven’t got a sweet tooth so I’m ok there and I have been out on my bike recently but need to get more practice in. Thank you again for your kind words

Welcome to our friendly community Rosie. It's by far the best place for support and encouragement and nobody will judge you. There's a lot going on in this community so it's never boring and even makes weight loss fun. I always believe that support is the main ingredient in a weight loss plan and that support is here in abundance.

Good luck with your journey and I wish you well.

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Rosie2021 in reply to

Thank you, just trying to get my head around all this and the Dr is hard to get an appointment with. 😊

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