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Help, Hi am new to your page, I am over 22 stone maybe 25 now, it really getting my depression and anxiety, I have so much that's up with me, arthritis in most joints lower back and top of my neck and spine, have heart and Kidney problems and find it hard to walk, but would like to know if there is a way to get my weight down would like to get to 14 stones, any help would be fantastic, they say if you don't exercise you can not lose weight but there must be away. thank you in Advance

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Hi and welcome, oldmozzy :)

Firstly, as you have posted a picture of yourself and others, I would advise you to lock your post to make it less accessible to others

Secondly, you'll be pleased to hear that while exercise has many health benefits, it is not essential for weight loss

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts and we hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

If you haven't already taken it, here's a tour of the forum

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

Hi oldmozzy ! You're in the right place to get some great support and ideas. You'll find there are also plenty of people here that for one reason or another are not able to exercise, and are managing significant weightloss through changing eating habits. Spend as much time as you can having a good look around the forum, and get chatting with people. You'll definitely pick up ideas, and be able to make a plan to start moving forwards. It has been a life changing discovery for me, and for many people here, as you will see! Best wishes for your journey towards better health! :-)

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Hi Oldmozzy, yes there is a way so relax, breath a sigh of relief, and smile 😊At the beginning of july last year (aged 52) i was 153kg (24st 1lb). I have osteo and psoriatic arthritis and get traumatic arthritis too, numerous issues with my back, psoriasis, depression and anxiety to name the main ones. I felt like a centennial, everything hurt and it felt like there was no coming back from it. Everything had a knock on effect. My rheumatologist said i needed help and referred me to the bariatric surgeons. I felt like such a failure but it spurred me into action of my own. I really didnt want surgery and all that went with it (and i havent needed it). 2 weeks after that appt i damaged my knee, torn and protruding meniscus (cartilage) and an impact fracture in the knee end of my femur. I could barely walk for months and it took nearly 4 months to get a diagnosis and pain killers. Anyway i digress lol. I live on my own so during august i ate all the stuff in my cupboards so that i could start afresh with healthy fresh foods. I started the nhs 12 week plan, downloaded the easy meals app and got started calorie counting. 15 weeks in and with support and help from this forum (i joined in september) i began the transition to low carbs/high healthy fats which is the food plan i still follow now. I didn't start doing any exercise til late october (once i had pain killers) and that was physio exercises for my knee and I bought a mini exercise bike for about £15 (think pedals on a frame that you use whilst sat on a chair). At that point i had lost around 25kg (4 st) just from what i ate. I'm currently waiting for a half knee replacement but i can do some exercise but its all at my speed (slowly and carefully). At my weigh in yesterday (monday) i clocked in at 94kg (14st 11lb) a 59kg (9st 4lb) loss in total. I have increased my exercise this year but its still at my pace but i have built up a fair bit of muscle under the flabby bits 😂.

So what i'm saying in a long winded way is change your eating habits first. Research weight loss/healthy lifestyle plans on youtube (i did) and see what you think will be a fit for you. Even if thats a little bit from several. You then have your starting point that can be tweaked as and when needed by you until you find a plan that works best for you. As the weight comes down look at walking workouts for beginners and seniors, again on youtube, there's some good ones out there and start there. When you feel comfortable and ready take a walk outside down to the end of the street or round the block and slowly increase what you do. Oh i forgot to mention all the activity i do is on crutches or using a rollator too.

I hope my story gives you hope, something to think about, and a place to start. Feel free to ask any questions or ask for any help whenever you need it. I can go into detail of what i was eating at the start, links to workout videos i've been doing etc if you're interested.

I would very much recommend you pick a day to weigh in each week, you will find an amazing support network on each day. Also join in on the daily diaries where we discuss how our day has been, plans for the day, our meal plans and any exercise we want to achieve - in essence its like sitting in a pub with mates having a good old chinwag 😁

Best of luck and sorry i've gone on a bit 😁 xx

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Your story is amazing and so inspiring Springers! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

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Thank you Lilac-Angel xx

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queenie-duke60kg in reply to springersrule

Hi Springersrule,

Have I got this right? You've lost 59kgs in 8 months? That is amazing.

I'm just trying to get my head around those numbers..Phenomenal, absolutely remarkable. Well done You!

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springersruleModerator in reply to queenie-duke

Yes, you've got it right queenie-duke. I have a weekly battle in my head with the numbers and pinch myself regularly over what i've achieved. The food journey i am on has actually been pretty easy to follow and stick with but mentally my head keeps bursting with how is this possible. The friends i have made on this forum help me keep grounded and sane.

Thank you for your lovely words. Anything is possible for anyone, i think the secret is to experiment and see what you like to eat then build on that. There are so many foods i used to hate that just cooked in a different way sees them regularly on my food plan every week 😊 xx

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queenie-duke60kg in reply to springersrule

That's around an average of around 2kg loss every week.. consistently over the 8 months. Woah, brilliant. This year I've averaged around a 900g loss weekly. Much slower than you but as long as it's consistent, I'll continue to plod along. That's the thing isn't it? Got to find out what works for ourselves, N = 1 as they say.Congratulations again.

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springersruleModerator in reply to queenie-duke

Thank you. All our bodies work differently and tuning in to that is key xx

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Hi Oldmozzy - short answer, YES - definitely possible to lose weight without making changes to level of exercise. Of course exercise has huge benefits, but while you're not able to do it, it won't stop you losing. Some people get annoyed when others harp on about LCHF (low carb healthy fats) as if it was the new found holy grail, but it was an approach I hadn't heard of before, it went against everything I thought I knew about losing weight but it certainly worked for me and changed my life around.

I would reccommend you look online for Dr David Unwin's lecture "HOPE" intended for people with T2 diabetes, but still relevant. Also Dr Robert Lustig videos, The Skinny on Obesity episodes 3 and 4 about the effect of processed food high in carbs on our bodies. Good luck :)

Hey oldmozzy, others have already answered your question more eloquently than I could, so I'll just say good luck on your journey 🍀and welcome to the forum 👋 (or should that be the other way round? 🤔😁)

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thankyou Lilac-Angel its like what not good for you to eat and drink as I drink a load of pop Pepsi Max cos was told that's the best out of them all

Found this that you may wanna look at 🙂

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