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Week 9 -5 kg 💪 but hello hair loss( Help(

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Leya12021 March

Week 9. Hello hair loss. More stress!👎 I've lost at least 5 kg💪. I eat 1400-1500 calories a day and go cycling 4 hours a week. I used to take multivitamins occasionally. I've realized that I need to take it daily, because my hair is shedding, thinning and don't look good. Has anyone else had the same problem? Seasonal hair loss, telogen effluvium or AGA...Heeeelp(((

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Congrats on the weight loss! I have the same issue with my hair but find it gets better if I take a DHT blocker and extra Biotin. Most multivitamins are useless unless you take them with a bit of fat so make sure to eat an egg or teaspoon of olive oil (I know, I know) with your vitamins.

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lucigretAdministrator in reply to notbulletproof74

Hello notbulletproof74, thank you for replying to the aid of Leyla :)

I just wondered if you are interested in joining this forum or if you are just visiting? Either way, you are very welcome.

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My hair loss was really bad at the end of last year (menopause/stress/ other women's problems). My GP prescribed Regain mousse to apply to my scalp on a night and it does seem to be helping.

Hope you get it sorted!

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Hello and welcome Leya1

We are not medically trained here, so I am afraid that I can not give you advice on your hair loss. I see that you already have two replies from people who have some personal experience, I hope you found them helpful.

All of there information that you need to navigate the forum is here in Pinned Posts


Please take the time to read the Welcome Newbie post, there is a lot of information there to help you.

You will see that we have events, clubs and challenges for you to take part in and recommend that you at least join in a Weigh In day of your choice and the Daily Diary.

If you have not taken it already, here is the link to the tour of the forum.


Participation is key to success, we all benefit from encouragement and support. By joining in you will build friendships with like minded people and find plenty of inspiration along the way :)

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey :)

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My hair is longer - no cut during lockdown so I suppose there is double in the sink. Glucosamine helps me . Ensure you eat a lot of raw veg /salads . I have a handful of unsalted almonds daily but this mirrors my fright about my hair but it doesn’t seem to be thinner . I would review after a good haircut

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Hi and welcome, Leya1 :)

I wonder if you've ever had your thyroid function tested, as weight gain and hair loss are two common symptoms? You may want to join the Thyroid UK forum too, as they are very knowledgeable about such matters healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk

Hi Leya1! I have hair loss that comes and goes if my levels of some essential vits/minerals get too low. I get a blood test about once a year to check my levels - Vit D deficiency is what seems to cause my hair loss. My hair loss stops if I'm living in a hot sunny country, and stops when I take my Vit D supplements the doctor advised. Hope you get to the bottom of it xx

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