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Very proud of myself and greatful to everyone here


Good morning all hope you are all well i thought i would let you all know that you are all amazing on here and ill tell you all why. The last time I got weighted was on the 14th November at Lincolnshire co-op which the lady told me i weighed 13st 8lb well last night i thought i would just see if id got my head around this diet or not so i got my scales out got on them at first I was to scared tolook but i took a deep breath and looked down and to my surprise I was 31st 4lb ive gone and lost 4lb i was so shocked and its all thanks to you all for your help and kindness and support i will definitely make sure that i come back here aall the time you all will never know how much i really do appreciate each and every one of you for all your help and advice

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That's really great news, Sweetie, well done you! :)


I'm sure you meant 13st 4lb - not 31st 4lb!!

I hope the support you have received hasn't made you put on almost 18 stone :D :D

Well done on your loss and look forward to seeing you on here regularly :)


That's a great start! Out of interest, if you want to edit your post you just click on "more" underneath it and you'll see "edit" .. but don't change the weight on this one coz I like steelad's comment! :)


Well done! See, it does work! With your own perseverance and all the encouragement you will find here you will not only hit your target weight but also ‘learn’ how you can enjoy treats alongside your healthy eating.

So long as we all remember that the 18st gain was just a typo blip I think you should leave it there as a warning to us all!

Good luck and that’s 4lb well lost!

🎉🎉 cheering you on🎉🎉 well done Hun 😊

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