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Feeling meh


Hi lovely people,

I’m reaching out as I’m feeling a bit down on my self.

I stuck to plan mostly today:

Breakfast- 3 pancakes

Lunch - pasta with homemade sauce

2 russets for a snack

Dinner was veg stew

But I ate 2 chunks of Toblerone and a slice of crusty bread with my stew. 😭

I feel upset with myself as usually this will lead to a blow out. I really don’t want to , I recognise that work has been so crazy this week, I am so tired , so rushed off my feet and we have a load of feeders at work- my defences will be low tomorrow but I don’t want to stuff my face.

I’m hoping you wonderful people will have some words of wisdom to keep on me on track 😘

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That's no blowout as it stands Reetareeta .

You're prepared so use this time to decide how you'll deal with tomorrow. Plan to make good use of your calorie range which I see is up to 2000 cals, so you're not hungry. Then it comes down to your choice when there is food on offer: you choose whether you accept it

bikegrrrl2 stone

Hi Reetareeta, don't feel down, we all have the odd lapse but even now you are recognising it and stopping it from turning into something self-destructive.

I looooove saying "no" to feeders, people can't force you to have something, after all. Sweet smile and a "no thank you". Rinse and repeat.

If you eat sensibly during the day you won't need to eat junk. My own experience is that calorie counting has brought me the control I need, you need to find what motivates you.

Cheering you onwards!

Sounds like a perfectly normal balanced day :-)

Challenge the food police! Shout 'no' to the thoughts in your head telling you you're bad for eating 2 pieces of chocolate. The food police makes our thinking about food completely irrational. Think about this carefully...you ate two pieces of chocolate and some bread. That's all that happened here. Now put that thought to bed and move on. :-)

PS. I hope you enjoyed that chocolate. If you're going to eat, at least enjoy it guilt free ;-)

Food police is such a good term! Going to use that now :)

It's done ,

Tomorrow will be a better day for you .

We all have blips ,you are not alone ,don't beat yourself up.


Paula25471 stone

You are doing great. Honestly!

Wobbleless2st 7lbs

I do know how it feels to panic that you are going to be tempted by the feeders!! I have chosen not to tell anyone that I am doing this.....risky but working for me. So when I say no......they think it's because I don't want it ....not because I am on some wretched diet. There is no fun in tempting me i am just one of those annoying people who chooses what they eat.

I love it now.......😀😯😉😊 stay strong you have this.

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