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5 days into the the diet 😀


And so far so good, I’m veggie, cut out bread and pasta, cheese, use skimmed milk and banned sweets and chocolate. This is the diet I successfully followed last year going down to nearly 12stone. I’m about 14 and a half now so a long way to go. Looking forward to Tuesdays weigh in. The only difference from last year is that I go to the gym and taken up yoga. Have a good weekend everyone!

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You're sounding positive Hidden .

The Tuesday Trimmers will make you very welcome. Scroll through the post, reading and commenting on other posts as you go. Giving out the support always rebounds in a positive way :)

I'm just wondering why you've gone for skimmed milk and cut out cheese. The ideas about fat being bad for us is increasingly being questioned. I don't want to undermine something that has worked for you in the past but if you want something that will work for good in the future, it may be worth a rethink.

Are you calorie counting and, if so, do you have the correct range for you, not the generic 1400 cals? Here's an interesting post from earlier today healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

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