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Busy Lifestyle!


Hi Everybody 🙂

After a little advice please. I’ve read here that we should aim for the top end of our calorie target for long term success. Yesterday, I managed this easily. Today, a particularly busy day with three young ones, for wasn’t prioritised & I’ve just realised I’ve only managed 774 calories. I’m not hungry but nervous about tomorrow as this is typical me. Less calories one day... starving the next & therefore crave sugar 😕 Any advice for tomorrow meal plan most welcome!

Hope everyone has had a good day today 💪🏻 X

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You know where you are likely to trip up, so that's a big advantage.

Don't get too anxious, Every day is not going to be the same but yes, you do need to eat well into your calorie allowance to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. This will explain it - apologies if someone has already given you this healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

I think planning is going to be key for you - it is for all of us but with three young ones, even more so for you. Think in terms of meals you can all enjoy, just with varying portion sizes. Plan your shopping to include plenty of veg (fresh or frozen), fruit, meat and fish if you eat them, low Gi carbohydrates such as quinoa, bulgur wheat, sweet potato. Avoid low fat and "diet" foods and limit processed foods. Make a couple of changes this week, let them bed in, then a couple more next week and so on.

The Daily Diary will help: have a browse there and see how other people are using their calories, then join in when you're ready. There are also plenty of recipes here under Topics.

In case you've forgotten how to find your way around, this will help healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...


A little tip from myself would be to batch cook and use your freezer if possible. I know with little ones i understand it can be hard to find a bit of time to do this but is there a partner, grand parents or friend who can give you child relief for half a day to allow you in the kitchen to cook up some batches of food. This way - when you are busy during the week you can just whizz out a healthy meal and reheat.

Even better - but depending on the age of your children, could you get them cooking with you? It would be a fun thing to do all together, educational for them and you would get the meals as well!!

Having pre prepared meals in the freezer does help for when you have them busy days!

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