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Hi all , yesterday was my first day with the community and I found some of the posts / stories so inspiring and the comments so supportive and humane that I’m keen to get going. I feel accountable to you - and the fact that it’s NHS and free and based on public service ethics encourages me too.

So today is my first weigh in. ( though for the last week I’ve been doing my own private ‘ weigh ins’ and calorie cutting , rather ineffectively.

I ‘ve weighed in at 67.3 kg . Yesterday I was 72.5 and the day before 72. And day before 71.5 . So I ‘ve been fluctuating but this is an encouraging new low!

Still - at 5ft 3in - puts me in the overweight category . BMI over 26. My short term goal is to go down to 63 kg and a healthy BMI.

My long term goal is 60 kg.

So help me stick to my downward move ! And I ‘ll do what I can to help you. ( yesterday - explaining the new low , I drank a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar which I think helped me resist unhealthy snacks ; I did extra swimming and walking and stuck to fish based low calorie meals. Will stick to the regime as far as I can.

Other measurements: waist 32.5( unhealthy) hips 40

Target waist 28. Hips 36.

Feeling determined . And in solidarity with all of you. 👍💪

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Hello, good to hear you're enjoying the forum :)

Why not join today's weigh-in? The Wednesday Wobble Warriors will make you very welcome. All instructions for finding your way around are in your welcome post. This will take you to the weigh-in healthunlocked.com/user/bid... It's a great way of being a member of getting (and giving) support with a regular team.

You might also like to start logging your meal plans in the Daily Diary. Thursday's will be posted this evening.

Happy to join the Wednesday wobblers..

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to hilampoline

Just click on the link above and then write all your details in the reply box, and then, of course, give one to two replies to your fellow Weigh-in group members 😊

anigoni1st 7lbs

hello hilampoline.. and well done on the weight loss. It is often good to pick a weigh in group to join and select the one that fits you best. i weigh in with the Sunday team but sometimes host the Tuesday group.. in that way we can get to know our group and support each other better.. its fine if you don't want to join a particular day but by joining a particular day you are not tied to just posting there...

Good luck with your weigh in next week.. it is great to have you join us! :-)

It’s my first week too and I feel the same! I have a tendency to ‘lurk’ in forums but I think if I actively share how I’m doing I’ll be more successful and motivated.

I can tell you already that I’ve managed to avoid a couple of temptations because I knew I’d end up sharing it here!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to hufflepuffcat

Have you joined a weigh-in yet? They're a great way of getting, and giving support with a regular group you can get to know

Yep , joined the Wednesday wobblers !! You ‘re right , they are very supportive and helpful. These specific communities are a great idea! 💕👍

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to hilampoline

(shouldn't say this, but I think they have the best name, too :D )

hufflepuffcat1kg in reply to BridgeGirl

I joined the Monday group! Will give me added motivation not to go nuts at the weekend.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to hufflepuffcat

Yes, there is that! I have sympathy for the Monday gang, but if it helps keep you on the straight and narrow, all to the good :)

Yes and today I’m extra determined to ensure I don’t put the weight back on - I ‘d be so aware of being defeated by my own lack of discipline , so will cut calories mercilessly tonight!

Weighed in this morning - at 70 kg . So dropped 1kg over the week . Slow but steady. Am on holiday in France so lots of temptations - already drunk too much wine though managed to limit myself and also dilute with fizzy water.. swimming lots to make up for indulgences.. await next week to assess the damage ! Good luck fellow wobblers !

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