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Back Again and Still Battling


Hi, I'm back again but in the same position, maybe half a pound heavier. I found it impossible during the summer to stick to a proper eating plan, too hot for preparation or shopping, too many visitors (I live on the coast), and too little will-power. I know I am eating too much and for someone who has never fancied dessert, I now seem to demand that sweet finish to a meal. Fruit doesn't do it any more, so it's a chocolate and then two! Ditto mornings, I have my carefully weighed cereal with fruit and milk then I have to dive into the breadbin for a slice of bread with butter before I am satisfied. Part of my problem is retirement, I feel, as without the discipline of work, it is so easy to allow bad thoughts to creep into one's mind. Anyway, I'm back, weighing in at 139 and a half lbs. and still hoping to lose 12 lbs before the holiday on October 1st. Wish me luck.

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bikegrrrlRestart July 2020

Hello maritravel - good to know you've found your way back here.

I wonder if you are having enough protein to fill you up?

And have you worked out your calorie range using the NHS BMI calculator?

Some lower-cal thoughts to shoehorn more actual food into your day:

Boiled egg and 1 slice toast for breakfast (soldiers to dip, no butter) is only 170 cals. You could double it, and still only be 340.

Mix your fruit with some Greek yogurt? I like the 0% fat kind, but I know there are loads of people on here who swear by the more creamy versions.

For a chocolate fix, dark chocolate (60 or 70% cocoa solids - only need a square or two.) Or a cup of unsweetened cocoa. I often have a chocolate smoothie for breakfast, made with cocoa - seems to tick the "chocolate" box for the rest of the day.

For sweetness, I'm fond of a home-made ice-lolly or ice pole - so far have had success with raspberries, gooseberries, even watermelon and lime. I have used a smattering of Stevia rather than sugar.

My go-to lunch at the moment is salad with some kind of protein - this week it's been broad beans because that's what I have in the garden. Also good with boiled egg(s) or anchovies. Doesn't take a lot of prep.

Hope you get into your stride soon - I find it very helpful to plan the night before, I record it in the Daily Diary and write it in a special notebook.

I treat my weight loss like a special project and I find it really satisfying. Since you are retired, and hopefully the summer visitor rush is over, you might be able to do that too?

Good luck, stick with it, I am cheering you on!

maritravel1lb in reply to bikegrrrl

Thanks for your suggestions. I usually have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast on the non-cereal days, but sometimes 'need' that slice of bread and butter just to stop the yearnings. If I don't have it I seem to remain hungry all morning and this makes me bring lunch forward, which can be a salad sandwich or even a dressed salad with a slice of bread or a crispbread. I can't face eggs before evening, love a breakfast of bacon, egg and beans for an evening meal, I don't snack in the day, but sometimes fit in a banana around the dip in the afternoon before dinner about 8 p.m. when it's protein, two small potatoes and lots of veggies. Sometimes and ice-cream after that or cheese and apple, or sometimes I leave that until later.

Part of my problem is not sleeping well, so I usually go to bed around about 2.00 or 2.30am, so I get a bit peckish about midnight or so. I try to limit any intake to a crispbread or so. Yes, I have done the BMI calculator test and their recommended range was between 1350-1400 if I remember.

Today I had cereal and fruit for breakfast, 1 small beef sandwich for lunch followed by a piece of stilton and a pear, this evening I'm having smoked mackerel and salad followed by some figs from the garden: all good. But oh, what will tomorrow bring?


Hello maritravel , some great suggestions there from bikegrrrl .

I see you used to be with the Monday Mass Movers weigh-in: they'll make you very welcome if you want to rejoin, or you could choose another day if you prefer.

Just as a reminder of how to find your way around, I'll give you this link

I'll leave your badge as it is, and I'm sure you'll soon be asking for a new one. You've done well maintaining at a time when you've found planning difficult

maritravel1lb in reply to BridgeGirl

Gulp! Another senior moment or just a mind full of diet plans and food lists? I thought today was Monday!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to maritravel

I know the feeling :D

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