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Please help me

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Help me please Hi I have ms and find it hard to walk far. Over the past few years I have put on so much weight. I don't eat much as I'm scared of putting on even more weight. I would love help with a diet and exercise I can do sitting down because I use a walker to help me get around and for my balance. So prefer exercise sitting down. I look forward to hearing from you.if you got this far thank you for taking time to read this

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Great to have you join us Indigoblue62

Welcome and enjoy the forum... Many on here have limited mobility and have successfully lost weight.. I'm sure you will too...

Please check with your health professional regarding your actions to lose weight and get their support locally to compliment this wonderful forum...

I'd like to invite you to read our Newbie Post - which is what I call the sat-nav to the benefits of the forum, here's the link:

Please also read this about the importance of locking your posts:

We'd love to know how you found us...?

Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉

I just want to wish you a very warm and friendly welcome to a great support group {{{{hugs}}}}


Thank you Dizzytwo

Welcome! You will find all the advice, information and support you need right here! Look at the newbie guide posted by Minniewinny and make the most of everything on offer!

Good luck.

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Thank you Russet

It's mostly to do with what you eat, so you need to change to healthy eating.

You will get lots of advice about that on here. You don't need to exercise to lose weight but it helps.

Exercise using your arms, for example, when sitting you could have them by your side and raise infront of you until your hands are above your head or out to your sides, raise them as high up as you can. Start with doing between 15-20 raises three times, do this 1-3 times per day. As you progress or if they feel like they are becoming easy to do, you could try to lift them and lower them for a certain amount of time, say 30-40 seconds. Just get those arms moving.

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Thank you Jimmyjimmy I will try this

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Oink1 stone

Hi there! It’s great you’ve come on this forum because it’s wonderful. So much support, help , advice and a real sense of friendship. Try little changes, but keep at them and don’t get hungry. Best of luck! Oink 🙂x

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Hi indigo blue wishing you the best of luck on your weight loss journey

Thank you Lailababi

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Indigoblue62 in reply to Oink

Thank you Oink

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Hi Indigo blue

Seated exercise to develop your muscles can be done using elastic resistance bands. They don’t cost much and can be bought on line or at a sports shop. Have a look on line at exercises using them by putting seated ‘exercise with resistance bands into your search box

Best wishes

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Thank you pcrw

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Tiggerr10 kg

Welcome Indigoblue62

To ease your worry about how much to eat, run the NHS BMI calculator that is in the Newbie Post that Minnie linked for you. Here it is anyway...

The number of calories it supplies is often more than people expect but it works and the suggestion is to aim for the higher end of the range, as you will still lose weight and will be less likely to feel hungry.

Others have already mentioned arm exercises plus you can also exercise your legs from a chair or armchair using a "Foldable Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike". Search for that and for around £20 or less you can start helping your mobility and fitness in the lower half as well :)

I would suggest that you try to come here regularly. Many of the people that do well are the ones that are here daily... learning, chatting, supporting others and just generally getting involved with the events and challenges.

All the best.

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Indigoblue62 in reply to Tiggerr

Thank you Tiggerr

Welcome. I have found this support group very helpful and I hope you do too. I don't know enough about ms to know how much you can move using your walker and how it affects you, but I guess anything extra you can do in the way of getting up and moving about will help. There's a saying, move a little lose a lot. I've found the nhs weight loss programme very helpful with the calorie counter online - something I turn to a lot to help me understand what I'm eating. I find my previous ignorance about calories stopped me eating things I now eat. Stay with us and we will help all we can.

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13ValerieHealthy BMI


The good news is that losing weight is mostly about what you eat and while exercise is good for body and mind it's a small part of losing weight.

Are you in regular contact with your doctor? Could you get a diet sheet suitable for you and your MS? Also have a look at the daily diary here for meal suggestions.

I have MS too and i love swimming.

Best wishes to you💜💛💚

Are you in touch with the MS Society? Branches all over the UK most of which run mobility appropriate exercise classes and other activities such as yoga for people with me. You might also find someone in a similar position you could buddy up with and would also find social activities to take your mind off it all ☺ Just a thought. Good luck

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Whin3 stone

Hi Indigoblue62. I'm so glad you have joined this forum as there do seem to be many lovely people here to support and give tips, so I'm sure you will find it helpful. I have had what are hopefully temporary mobility issues over the last couple of years but noticed how much I gained, so I really sympathise. I see lots of good advice on here already, but I'll add in my small contribution. Not sure if relevant, but I find I eat whenever I'm bored/sad/scared/ name for me finding non-calorie distractions, treats and activities is key too. We also often have danger points in the day where it's harder to resist things which won't help our weight is good to have a plan in mind to tackle those times! Good luck on your weight loss journey, joining up is a great first step!! :o)

HI there.

I also do very little exercise because of my health conditions. However, I went low carb at the end of May and am finding this much easier to cope with.

I'm close to get my 2 stone badge, maybe next weekend if not this Sunday.

A few tips as low carb is about fresh foods not processed which can be a struggle.

I buy in ready made salads and ready prepared vegs, cooked chicken and cook in the bag meat/fish.

For breakfast I make a quick chia/flax/oatbran porridge that takes me 2 mins the night before to set to soak and less than 3 mins the next morning to finish - plus only three things to washup. It provides much needed roughage.

Nibbles - include olives, unsalted nuts, raw veg, and a little dark chocolate.

Milk - whole fat milk in limited quantities plus coconut milk.

And for the really bad days Purition shakes (online order), it's more expensive than the porridge but easier to make if I'm too tired at night.

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Ali_B621 stone

Well done for joining this community, I am sure you will find a lot of lovely support and inspiration here. I have been reading some of your other replies especially those on seated exercises and wondered if you had looked at the MS Society website as I feel sure they also have a number of seated exercises there as well as other things that might be helpful to you. Good luck with your weight loss journey and a very warm welcome to you! :-)

Publishers Clearing House right now has two books on exercising when sitting. I bought one and look forward to receiving it.

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