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Hi guys, happy new year to you all !

I’m still currently trying to lose weight however due to stress I lost motivation after a week and a bit into it. I’ve tried everything to keep motivated and will continue to do so but I struggle when it comes to meal times and eating in between. If I skip a meal or eat a smaller portion I get even hungrier and end up eating twice as much junk.

I’m not sure what healthier options would keep me fuller for longer and would like any ideas.

Since I have got to 77kg it’s been much harder to lose weight, everybody around me advises me against losing anymore weight (because they prefer me bigger, even though my BMI is still overweight) this also contributes to my unmotivated attitude. I feel I have no support system during this process but I’m desperately trying to lose 20kg.

I will be joining fitness classes on Monday but I feel I need to start with my self motivation, healthier meals and also getting consistent with my exercise.

Please could anyone offer me ANYTHING that’ll help me get to my goal. Thank you all 💕

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Happy New Year! Coming back to the forum is the best thing you have done! This tournament is the only reason why I have stuck at it. Try and visit every day, comment add post and it does keep you motivated and focussed :) even on the bad days everyone on here is ready to spur you on!

My advice is to make sure you are eating your calorie allowance (found on the NHS BMI calculator). When we are hungry we are less likely to succeed. Start at the higher end and reduce as you lose the weight. Good luck!

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ollioRestart October 2020

I hit a major wobble yesterday and called it Freaky Friday...I felt like giving up. It is how YOU feel that matters and if you want to change the way you are...only you can do it.

I even lost a couple of pounds yesterday but still felt like bingeing......but I didn`t. I came on here , had a moan and am back to ok today. It is hard but the people on here will encourage and help you so KEEP logging in , even if it is just for a few sentences to say how you feel or what you are struggling with .

I like the Active 10 group as it is exercise without it knocking your pan in and personally if I take on too much I will fail. Have a wee look and see what you think.

The administrators are a source of wisdom so if stuck just ask. Let me know how you are getting on xx

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ollioRestart October 2020

P.S. The weigh ins can be helpful too xx

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Motivation has to come from within, Tanya-T, but, as NoMoreJunk and ollio have said, logging on regularly will help.

We have many events/challenges and clubs, all designed to help, but you have to participate, to benefit.

Follow this link now, to see just what you can get involved with and I suggest you aim for the Daily Diary and weigh-in first :)

It's all up to you now :)

Thank you all, I already feel much better. I guess tomorrow is a new day and I can start a fresh? This guilty feeling hasn’t left me yet but I’ve got you all for support 🙂

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I'm going to quote you, Tanya-T, because you've put into words what's sending you offtrack: "If I skip a meal or eat a smaller portion I get even hungrier and end up eating twice as much junk".

If you want to make progress, planning is key. Having three filling meals a day so you don't need to think about food in between.

The Daily Diary could help: start by browsing and join in when you're ready: you'll get plenty of helpful suggestions.

Also, there are plenty of ideas here about lunches

Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels! x

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to

Good morning, TennysonBear :)

Are you wishing to lose weight and join the weight loss forum or are you just browsing and offering support? You are very welcome, either way :)

in reply to BridgeGirl

Morning! I'm just offering support. I'm happy with my weight. I lost two stones several years ago and have kept it off by using this phrase. Hope it can be helpful for someone else. 😊🐻

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to

Great :)

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Hi Tanya - don’t take any notice of others who say they prefer you bigger. From personal experience I’d say that meant they prefer you to be bigger than they are and you getting into better shape than them upsets their view of the world. Stick with it!! Regarding feeling hungry, have you tried eating healthy fats with your meals? Small portions and low fat options (usually with extra sugar) can be counterproductive if it means you snack in between meals. Take a look at YouTube video “The Skinny on Obesity episode 3” Good luck!

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RedspotRestart March 2021

Accept the wobble!

I think everyone has them.

Help yourself by the protection of………

This site!

The right eating plan!

Gradual success!

Good luck. To you

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mazza364 stone

Hi there Tanya-T. Finding motivation can be hard. Here's a couple of things that helped me... Firstly there were 2 things that me made start to lose weight in the first place. One was a message on the radio that said the biggest cause of cancer (after smoking) is obesity. I researched this and found that this is due to fat cells working differently from normal cells in the body. The second was watching an episode of My 500lb Life. I was frankly horrified at how the people on there had let themselves go and blamed everything else, refusing to acknowledge the truth. The truth is of course that we all have the power to take control of our own bodies. When I first started losing weight, I did feel hungry and I would shout at myself (sergeant major like) 'whos in control?'. I would then shout back 'i am!' (but with plenty of swearing). Of course this works best in an empty house! Finally I would say that guilt is such a negative emotions that is guaranteed to make you feel bad. Use anger positively to supercharge your motivation. Yes you can do it.

Hi Tanya-T, stress is an arwful thing. I found it can smother you and make you feel so helpless. Take control and cut out the rubbish foods like chocolate, crisps, biscuits etc, eat a variety of foods you enjoy but cut the portion sizes. I walked and walked looking at the beautiful world we live in and found that eased the stress mentally and physically. As for your support from people around around you all you need is YOU. Unfortunately today we are a larger size nation and that is perceived as the norm, its not. Continue your weight loss journey, you will benefit from feeling fitter, healthier and looking younger. Good luck, hope your stress situation passes soon and you can concentrate on a happy healthier you.

A useful analogy I heard is - if you have a bunch of flowers and one dies you don't throw away the whole bunch so if you eat something that doesn't fit your plan don't give up on the whole day or week.

Good luck - I can relate to the fluctuating levels of motivation you describe

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Bluelady-singHealthy BMI

Me the same I stopped the forum and gained weight

Hi Tanya. I love big portions of food. I love seeing my plate brimming over with food. What the eyes see pleases the brain. So, I trick the brain.

ActionPlan 1 - I use a smaller plate so that the food I am eating looks more than it is.

ActionPlan 2 - I fill 3/4 of my plate with vegetables and only a small amount of meat.

ActionPlan 3 - BF loves sauces, so I use chopped tomatoes to give him the sauce he needs.

I sat down and planned my entire week and shopped once with a list of food needed. That way I am not tempted by all those high calorie/high sugar discounted foods (can't resist a bargin).

I am never hungry because my meals are huge but very low in fat and very little bread.

So, this is my plan of action. Hope it is a help.

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My sister said to me, "Why do you need to lose weight at your age" 70 I told her I am breathless when we take our dog out. I have since lost weight and feel better for it. I then came on this site checked my B.M.I. and it told me I am still obese. So I am staying with S.W for a bit because I need motivation to keep eating healthy food.

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