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Sick and tired of being sick and tired !!


I'm currently on sick leave, 5 weeks ago i hit a brick wall, emotionally and physically, I reluctantly went to see my GP , I have fatigue and stress. It has taken 5 weeks for me to be STILL , being a mum ,wife ,carer,friend, therapist, employee the list goes on ... , I realised noone has been looking out for me , I am 30 lbs over weight, pre menopausal and turning 50 next birthday. I looked at my naked self in a full length mirror, I cried for a while but said ' it's me ,myself and I .. I haven't lost a 1lb in 4 weeks , it's disappointing but I'm not giving in.

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Sorry to hear you have not being well Astrianna. It can be so hard to be all those roles to everyone and still look after yourself. Don't worry about losing weight while your not feeling good just maintain for now. Please dry those tears and remember there is always support here. Sending you a big (((hug))).


Sending lots of hugs. I am sure there are many here that can empathise and would take one look at your list and think you were talking about them. Take some time to look after you know you have time off work. Do some of those nice things that you never have time to do normally. Don't add to the stress by worrying about your weight right now. Take the time to plan and maybe get some batch cooking done for when you go back to work. The most important thing right now is you and getting yourself better.

Take care and come on here and have a chat, it helps no end, there are some lovely supportive people here Astrianna😊

Astrianna in reply to lucigret

Thanks xx

I hear you, I'm the same but I keep chugging along, try to get some 'me' time each day even if its just for a few minutes, you are not alone!

Sorry you have been so unwell. I think so many of us are like you and it's time you gave you some time and love. It's hard as we want to be there for all our dependants but it has to be done to prevent the 'burn out' as you have found out. Also many of us struggle with the weight loss but the 'chugging along' mantra is a good one and with support we will hopefully get to where we want to be. Sending virtual hugs and good wishes.

Astrianna in reply to lizziep

Thank you, it's heart warming the encouragement

Keep going hun, you're doing great xxx

Astrianna in reply to MrsLeo

Thank you for your kindness

I've felt like that it's awful. However keep going. I don't know sometimes how were expected to fit every thing into our busy lives...but we do. Take the time to rethink and just rest. Years ago if people weren't well they had time out. We don't get that now we're just expected to get on with it. I don't do mirrors, I don't need to see what's on the outside as I know what's on the inside that counts. I probably should but I get on the scales and know not much has changed so I don't need to see. When I feel it's right I'll be there in front of that mirror. So take your time and concentrate on feeling good inside.

Astrianna in reply to Sezhancock

So true , thank you

Hi Astrianna - Many of us recognise that equation of multiple demands and just not enough energy to go round, with ourselves at the end of the queue. Exhausting. But it sounds like you are coming through the other end and ready to embrace some change and as you haven't mentioned exercising (probably the last thing you felt like when the tank was already empty!) I would encourage you to begin either taking regular local walks (it is amazing when you haven't done it for a while and simply reconnect with your own neighbourhood on foot, rather than rushing through it in a car on your way somewhere else!) or take 15 mins each day to do a Lesley Sansone Happy Walk (on YouTube My daughter says she can't abide her voice, but I got back into exercising with this video and the endorphin prompted feeling good is great! Even 15 mins makes a big difference and could be one of the small steps you take back to full strength. Hope you start feeling better soon :)

Astrianna in reply to Dietbunny

Thank you for your words of encouragement, baby size steps !!

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