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Don't want to weigh


Okay I had an eating disorder before. I since threw out the scales and do not want to own any again or weigh myself at all. I know my weight in November 2015 from a hospital appointment and I'm only maybe one clothes size up from that at most. Can I just eat the lowest amount the bmi calculator says for that last weight? And I do measure myself, but how else would I know when to reduce because I have a lot of weight to lose.

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Hi loveanimals without weighing - I would say the best indicator is how your clothes fit and as you say to measure yourself every other week or what ever suits you time wise.

Well done for not wanting to return to what could become a bad habit for you. And being aware of wanting to be a healthy weight not gaining so much to become unhealthy.

Wishing you well on this journey that is life 🎉

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi loveanimals

I can understand you not wanting to weigh yourself. The BMI gives you a calorie range that works with the higher amount of calories would let you maintain your weight and the lower amount would make you lose weight. But do not go below 1400 claories as your body may go into stravation mode and hold onto the weight.

It tells me 1957 for the lowest amount so obviously a lot higher than 1400

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to loveanimals

Aim for the 1957 then as 1400 is a lot lower.


Hello and welcome loveanimals 😊

There are lots of ways of measuring improving health and fitness, how your clothes feel, how your hair and skin feel, how you feel inside 😊 It's like your body is saying thank you

Good luck and very best wishes

Take the sound advice of Anna61. And you will have a healthy and happy lifestyle, I am sure glad I read it as well!!!

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