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Any replacement for banana??


So the last week I have been eating bananas on a daily basis. Last night I had a banana smoothie and noticed afterwards that my eyes were so runny and heavy. Didn't think much of it just thought I was tired. Hubby said the same about his eyes and he had the smoothie too.

Today I did the couch 2 5km week 2 run 1 and afterwards had a banana and water as I did everytime last week. Again my eyes started running and I felt tight in my chest and like something was stuck in my throat.

I carry an epipen as I have other food allergies but haven't taken it yet. I took an antihistamine and went to bed for a couple of hours. Thank god it is kind of starting to pass. Still have the option to go to the local hospital if it starts again.

So I think it is safe to say I wont be eating bananas again. Is there other types of protein that can be used after exercising?


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Ruth_canal_runnerRestart October 2020

Bananas are great after running but they don't contain protein... What they're good for is energy (from the sweetness/slow release carb aspect) and potassium. After running having something with minerals/electrolytes such as potassium is great, e.g. you can get fizzy mineral tablets or have a handful of sunflower seeds. Your muscles will be recovering, and as they need minerals to do this, standard exercise recovery drinks like lucozade etc are full of minerals. But I presume you're looking for a more natural option. So maybe look into dates, or making your own energy bars from dates, nuts, seeds etc. (Although I realise you may have nut/seed allergies too). Water and stretching are the main priorities after running though. I hope that helps :)

TrimmerteacherCasserole Off Winner

My sister was allergic to the preservative used on bananas in transport. Please be careful, Janpes. My sister died of anaphylactic shock four years ago, not due to bananas, although the first time she went into anaphylactic shock was after eating a banana several years ago. She had several allergies, as you say you have. She died in hospital after a routine op, because unknown to everyone, she had become allergic to something routinely used to bring people round from anaesthetic.

I had anapylactic shock a couple years ago after eating salmon. I have eaten fish all my life without a reaction and suddenly after 1 mouthful I was in the emergency room getting adrenaline and cortisone. Nowadays I am very very careful about what I eat. No strawberries, fish, nuts or bananas, my list is growing smaller.

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