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So far so good


Hi all I am on day five and have had no wine in the evening feel very proud of myself. the scales show 1.5lbs so very pleased. will do my proper weigh-in on Monday morning. I have allowed myself a glass of wine tonight and tomorrow night then all clear in the week. Still counting all my calories and keeping under the allowance. thanks for the support and ideas.

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Well done. 2 glasses of wine in a week sounds very reasonable to me - as long as the glasses aren't buckets!! Starting a new habit is tricky but will get easier, you might even find that you don't even need 1 or 2 glasses in the end. 🤞


Well done, Morag, keep up the great work :)

Morag, I'm worried about you, please eat more. 1.5lbs is not enough, you'll blow away in a strong breeze ;)

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