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Time to get started!


Hi All,

I have just joined today as I have started the NHS 12 week plan to kick start my healthy eating and weight loss. Alongside this I am starting the C25K challenge too.

I decided that keeping a record on here might keep my motivation up so here goes:

Week 0:

Height: 5ft 6in

Weight: 13st 12lbs

Waist: 35in

BMI: 32.3

Let's hope this plan works!

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ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Leviticus,

Really good that you're starting the 12 week plan, and I hope you have a great first week doing it. Great that you've listed your initial weight and height and waist measurements, so you can keep a record of your progress. Good luck with it.

Lowcal :-)

leviticus in reply to Zest

Thanks Lowcal!

Hi Leviticus, I am doing the same. Its a great programme. Good luck with it all!

denvajade2020 October

Good on you keep us informed

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