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Week Nine


So, week nine and my clothes are fitting noticeably better. I went walking at the weekend and managed to fit into some walking trousers which I have not been able to get into for some considerable time. That felt very good. I have gotten some clothes down from the loft which I can now fit into which I had put up in the loft as it was depressing me seeing them in the wardrobe and I couldn't wear them. I still have more clothes in the loft which I can't fit into just yet but will continue with my journey so that I can fit into them. I have everything from a size 12 to a size 20. Size 14 would be fine at my age and is what I am aiming for. I can now fit into my size 16s comfortably.

Its incredible how much difference the past nine weeks have made to the way I look and feel. I think my mindset was just right for this to happen as I have tried and not continued with changes to the way I eat before but this time my head was in the right place.

This site has been really helpful both to read others' experiences and to post my own - thank you to everyone who takes the time to post and comment.

My discovery this week was marshmallow wafers called Pink 'n' whites. Only 50 calories and great with a cup of tea to make me feel I am having a treat.

Keep going everyone. . . .

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Wow, well done swimmingbunny, it is all about getting your head in the right place. I'm starting week 2 (again) and still feeiling really motivated. I too have clothes from a size 20 to size 12, still in my 18's but I know I will get there if I eat less and move more.

It's someones birthday ar work today and they have brought in lots of cakes and also apples, amazingly I have gone for an apple and just signed for a 10k midnight walk for our local Hospice, just hoping I can keep it up.

Good luck xx

swimmingbunny in reply to tubby2

Enjoy the apple - you can always have some cake another time - and good luck with your training for the midnight walk - I always think it feels better when you are out exercising to think 'I'm in training for ..... whatever event' as this helps get you up and out



Hi swimmingbunny,

Well done!

"It's incredible how much difference" - but you have to do it to really understand that.

I honestly feel like I'm now walking around in a different body to the one I was in back in January. I can't really do justice in words to the difference it makes.

Good luck with your ongoing journey.

swimmingbunny in reply to Hidden

Thanks Doikosp - I know you are doing well too and feeling so much better definitely keeps you going.

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