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Hi, I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 14 and was just given the pill. I have now been off the pill for 2+ years and I am still have irregular periods and have not conceived. I have not been put on Metformin 1000mg a day and I just wanted peoples advice/opinions on if this will improve my periods/chances of getting pregnant and whether I should take any other vitamins alongside side the Metformin, like pregnacare? I’m feeling really sad at the moment and feel like there may not be any hope. Any help would be much appreciated!

5 Replies
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I take Metformin, Inofolic alpha, Proceive, vitamin D, Ubiquinol. They all help if you have Pcos. Acupuncture can help too. Good luck x

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Hello! Just wanted to give you hope that Metformin really worked for me…I had no periods or ovulation and it made me ovulate so that I could then get pregnant! I now have two healthy little girls. Really hope it works for you.

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Can you get referred by your GP to fertility? They should be able to do tests on you and your partner.They recommend folic acid, a higher dose if you are obese.

Have sex every two days

Taking a product with myinstol in it, like alpha infolic

If they take blood tests, they can see if there's are any other underlying issues

I had scans and blood tests to confirm I was ovulating

Tests on your partner for his sperm

Losing weight, if you are overweight

Keep active

Avoiding alcohol and smoking

If there is issues with your PCOS or something else, there is the option of fertility drugs and IVF.

Good luck!

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It worked for me! I lost weight taking it and became pregnant 5 months later after nearly 2 years of no luck due to PCOS and irregular cycles. I still had irregular cycles but it helped me ovulate. I lost hope too and stopped taking folic acid, but I shouldn’t have done because I ended up getting pregnant quicker than I thought, so yes, I recommend taking folic acid, vitamin c and d. Good luck, I hope it works for you too!

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Hols0809 in reply to Amllie

Thank you so much! This has given me so much more hope! I did really start to lose faith and wasn’t sure if anything was going to work! I’m so glad it worked for you and you were able to get pregnant! 😀

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