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Clomifene forgot to take dose!

Hi all, I'm on clomifene and should take it days 2- 6. I'm on day 4 and have just realised I've not taken it yet this month so have missed two days! I'm so annoyed at myself!

Any advice on whether i should take it anyway or write this month off?

I'm such an idiot!

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Why do these things always happen on a weekend when the clinics aren’t open? 😫

Don’t be annoyed at yourself, I’ve done something very similar and I think it’s not uncommon. Personally I’d write the month off, as far as I know they have to be very specific dates and as you’re only allowed a certain number of goes you don’t want to waste one xx


Thanks Solly. You're totally right, i don't want to waste one. Appreciate your response! :-)


I forgot to say though, keep trying this anyway because my dr said you often ovulate the month after you stop taking it!


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