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Hair loss


I'm here on behalf of my 20 year old daughter. Diagnosed recently bit first cysts found 2years ago. She has started losing hair and is desperately worried . She has been offered Androcur and Dinette but these both cause deaths every year so is reluctant. She did take Androcur for a month but had side effects . Already started a low GI diet and sugar reducing . Please Help.

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I have suffered from hair loss. It was most noticeable from the frontal lobe area and when I tied my hair up for the gym you could really see it.

Since my diagnosis I have changed to a low GI diet and cut out sugar (obviously cutting out all sugar is hard to do but I do the best I can and stick with it) and now my hair is growing back. It's a silly fluffy length at the moment and sticks up but it's there! :)

The change in diet has really helped me and in more than just my hair growing back. I feel so much better.

I do find it hard, especially at work explaining to people why I have suddenly stopped eating the biscuits and treats that I have loved for years but I just say that I have developed an insulin resistance and so I can't have it and people now know not to offer it to me anymore. I found telling people I can't have it and a fairly vague explanation of being insulin resistant will satisfy their curiosity. Saying I can't have it rather than saying I don't want it means that people don't try and talk me into having it which is a huge help because deep down I would love to be able to eat it and I don't need the pressure of them saying "go on it's Christmas!".

Hair will take a while to grow back so a new shorter hair cut might could also help it look thicker.

I hope the change in diet helps your daughter :)

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Thank you so much. Your hair loss is exactly as my daughter's . She hates having to tie her hair for the gym. Thank you this gives lots of hope.

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I hope things improve for your daughter (I bet having a supportive mum is a big help).

I changed my diet in September and I'd say my re-growth is about 2 inches long. I wouldn't say it's 100% grown back but I'm happy with the improvement.

I'm sorry I can't give you any insight on the medication but hopefully another person on this forum can.

All the best x

The combined pill will control the symptoms. I have been on it for 30+ years and it has controlled my symptoms pretty well, I am still on it at 48. There is a very small risk of it, but like all medication there are risks.

Thank you. My daughter has been taking the pill since the cyst's were discovered. However she has read that in the pill she has been prescribed is an element of me hormone,so she is discussing this at an appointment tomorrow.

An element of male hormone

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Yasmin is a good pill and has been around for many years (Ive been on it for probably 20 years on and off and also marvelon and dianette too)

Coming off dianette caused my hair loss. Others report it to on the internet

I was on Dinette for many years and tried many others with side effects and the only one that really worked for me is Gedarel.

I also suffered from hair loss and it really effected my confidence. At the time I wasn’t aware of diets that helped so I did a hair loss treatment (Minoxidil) and it really worked for me. The only problem is that if you stop, you might lose the hair again. I can’t really say as I never took the risk in stoping so now it’s been over 5 years of treatment.

I am trying to get pregnant and when it works I will need to stop, although I’ll be so over the moon that I won’t mind if that will mean losing my hair again :)

Good luck to your daughter and having a supportive mum really helps!

I have lost more than 50% of my hair at the back. I know how distressing this is

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