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Hi all

I was yesterday diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. Gynaecologist has said I have lots on each ovary. She done an ultrasound and a blood test and will hear from her in due course.

I’ll start with past medical:

Underactive Thyroid


B12 deficient

My symptoms:

Very light period (water brown consistency - never had to use sanitary products) lasting only a few hours

Sharp pains for a few days

Varying length of cycle (59 days to 29 days)

I expected it to be something to do with the thyroid or haemochromatosis so was pretty shocked it was PCOS. I have since found out my aunt on my dads side has it too.

Is there anything I should be asking or requesting to have done?

Thanks in advance


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Very interesting to read about you having issues with thyroid. I see a link...I'm no doctor but have you looked at ways to lower inflammation in your body? My mom has overactive thyroid. ..I've got PCOS. She was recommended by a doctor to take Tumeric (spice).

For pcos... I developed it after a period of stress, lack of sleep and a poor diet. I went off birth control...things went back to normal but now I haven't had a period for 6 months. I've had the same tests done as you plus a couple more at my own request. I've had a glucose fasting blood test and I wanted to check for a gluten sensitivity for celiac. Inflammation in the body and stress can cause problems even if we have the genes for these conditions it doesn't mean we need to suffer with them, if that makes sense. Do some research on lowering inflammation and being on a healthy diet. I thought I was healthy but there's a mind/body connection that some doctors ignore...they just want to put you on medication.

Thanks for your reply.

I have had an almost 3 year fight to have a referral to gynaecology.

I shall go read up on diets to follow as I really don’t want to add extra hormones but think that’s the only thing drs suggest.

I hope things improve for you x

The combined pill can help to control the symptoms. I think the biggest issue is putting on weight with pcos as all your symptoms can increase massively, so stick to a low GI type diet.

PCOS is hereditary they believe and can come down both the male and female line (it is not ovary related, but an endocrine disorder so the name is very misleading).

They are pretty sure my husband is a carrier and so is my son!

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