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Recently diagnosed with PCOS. Has anyone had PCOS interfere with Kidney function?

Hello, I am new to this community.

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I am quite relieved to be diagnosed as I have been having random health problems for months and have not gotten a diagnosis for alot of these problems so getting a diagnosis for this specific problem is a relief but the original reason as to why I was given an ultrasound scan is mainly because I was having problems with my urinary functions so I am quite confused if PCOS could have caused that.

I had gone to A&E, orignally they thought it was appendicitis which made me worried, then constipation for two days as my urine that they had tested was normal so no uti a day later the pain got worse, tested my urine again and suddenly i had quite a high number of white blood cells in urine and then diagnosed me with a kidney infection which in fact was wrong. They consistently denied me a blood test from a specific hospital as I was not convinced it was as I didn't have the typical symptoms of a kidney infection. And I was right.

I had sent my urine off to the lab (which is normally where they grow the bacteria, fungi... that is causing a uti) three times and it came back normal, the pain would switch between good and bad, I had no fever no vomiting I didn't have a bladder infection- which normally is the cause of kidney infections- antibiotics made no difference.

It wasn't until i went to my GP as I also had abnormal vaginal bleeding which is not a sympotom of a uti that he ordered a pelvic scan and also got endless reinforcements from other doctors that this was obviously not a kidney infection (as my health was quite alright as a Kidney infection would make you feel awful plus would not last long without taking antibiotics) but could be urinary tract inflammation from something or anything that could cause alot of white blood cells in urine and frequent urination. This all went on for really over two months -which would not have been the case with a kidney infection-I had flank and back pain nearly every day. I feared that I had Polycystic Kidney disease or a tumour pressing on my urethers or bladder when a doctor tested my urine after two months and found protein which is a sign of damage to the kidneys. I finally got my pelvic and abdominal scan which revealed my Kidneys were normal but I in fact had PCOS.

I have alot of questions regarding PCOS that I would like advice on but the main question is has anyone had PCOS interact with their urinary functions-Kidneys, bladder? This has really confused me and it would help me if got some advice from anyone or any stories. Thank you.

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Not that I have heard of, I did have a kidney infection when I was around 18 which they said was due to sex with my partner at the time


Thanks for your reply. I have not had sex but I know that can be a cause of an uti the scary thing was I did not have an uti nor was it appendicitis but the pain was persistent.


The other cause for pain could be endometriosis which is linked to pcos, the only way they can confirm it is via a laparoscopy I believe. There is an endo forum on here so you may want to ask ladies on their.


Hello, thank you for this. I will deffo talk to my doctor about this to see if this could be the cause of some pain. Again thank you!

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