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Meds to Prevent Miscarriage?

Still in shock at despite being diagnosed with PCOS and my hubby with a low count and awaiting fertility treatment, we had a number of positive pregnancy tests last night. Its still early days, but I've read women with PCOS are 40% more likely to miscarry. But also there are meds available to prevent this? I'm just wondering if anyone knows what meds these may be, ahead of me going to the Docs, thank you for all your help xxx

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No that is untrue, they did initially think it was the case but actually now think that pcos ladies are more aware of their body so pick up on it whereas others would think it was a heavy period and not known they were pregnant.

Have you tested again first thing in the morning (and with a proper test not the cheap tests as they can be inaccurate some times).


Thank you very much for your reply, that's very encouraging to hear, I read that the womb lining was thinner somehow.

Yes I've taken 5 tests, 3 cheap ones all positive,and 2 Clear Blue which both said "Pregnant 1-2 weeks" xxx


No I dont believe so, our issue more is our lining is too thick sometimes due to lack of periods.

LOL you can never do enough tests (I still have mine from 12 years ago!!)

Congratulations is in order then, you can get some bleeding and cramps in the first three months (in fact I know more people that have bled during the first three months than not, so don't think the worst!!) The cramps are due to bump snuggling in and is all quite normal.


Thanks very much for telling me about the cramps! Had them all night, I was wondering what was going on!! Thank you xxx

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congratulations and good luck. I'm kinda in the same situation and I'm so happy to hear your good news


Thank you so much confused31! I'm still trying to get my head around it, and remain realistic that there's still a long way to go. Are you newly pregnant too?


unfortunately not yet but I wish you all the best


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